Me and the family was having fun over our family text group, and were coming up with silly words using corona that fit the self isolation most us is living with to some degree or other.

We came up with wonders like corona-coffee, corona-cake, corona-cocktails, corona-baby (I’m like 100% sure this will actually be a used word in about 9 months) corona-love, and corona-fat (from all the coffee, cake and cocktails).

And all of this got me thinking.

Yes, corona sucks, the self-isolation sucks, but we can try and get some positive out of it. Take this home isolation as an opportunity to get new habits.

So, today I use the word corona-fit.


I have downloaded a few apps on my phone that got different challenges. So far I’m doing an abs challenge, a pushup challenge, and a squat challenge. And I downloaded a full body stretch app that I use too. I even got my boyfriend on it too, so we’re getting corona-fit together, but far apart.

It takes me around 20 min in total to do all challenges (including navigating in the apps) and the stretching. But damn it works. I’m sore in muscles I had forgotten I had, but it feels so good to be doing these things again, and the daily stretching is doing wonders for me back too.

If you aren’t much for apps (though I absolutely love that I got a challenge and daily goals and stuff) pinterest and youtube is full of a million good tips, tricks and videos. You can find everything from beginner yoga, to experienced kickboxing.

So use this time to do something good for your body, and get a new habit.

Love, Tea

11 thoughts on “Corona-fit

  1. Here’s another one: Covidiot (yes, its a word. I wish I had thought of it)

    1. A stupid person who stubbornly ignores ‘social distancing’ protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19.

    2. A stupid person who hoards groceries, needlessly spreading COVID-19 fears and depriving others of vital supplies (like toilet paper).


  2. This a neat family game. I love the idea that you’ve thought of coronafit and taking the time to get fit. Way to go! I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.


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