Blog planning and why you need to do it

Today I’m gonna talk about planning your blog content. Not how to do it, but why it’s so important to do.

I’m sure you’ve heard of bloggers burn out. Basically it’s when a blogger is burned out, can’t come up with new content, and can’t write two good words down on paper.

I’ve been hit by it, and it sucks. My old blog suffered a lot because of it. I felt annoyed and sad and frustrated but no matter how much I stared at my screen I didn’t manage to write anything good.

But… Planning your blog content can help you with blog burnout.

Now, it’s not gonna prevent blog burnout completely, but having content planned and written, already scheduled on your blog for automatic posting, can give you time to breath when needed, and let you be super productive when you are inspired.

Personally I like to have at least 6 months planned, and at least a months blog posts written and scheduled. I work full time, and have two kids, so having the chance to work when the time is right, instead of being forced to write when already stressed out is a life saver.

Here’s a few good things about scheduling:

If you get sick you get to relax

You can work hard when you have the time

It helps you keep an overview of your content

It helps you reach your goals

It lets you schedule for holidays/special days

It frees up time for promoting your content

Let you schedule your time better

If you wanna learn more about how I plan my blog posts, you can read more here how to plan your blog content

Love, Tea

66 thoughts on “Blog planning and why you need to do it

  1. Love this post! I need to get better, not at planning but at writing in advance. It’s a totally one of the things I have been working on improving with little or no progress🤭

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    1. I have a monthly tracker on how many posts I plan to write in advance that month, and having a visual really helps me. I try to have at least 1 month written in advance, but I’m slowly getting close to 2 months, and hope to keep that up the rest of the year.


  2. Wow, you are so organised!! I’m trying to plan things in advance but I normally end up just writing it all a few days before it’s due to go live.

    Definitely going to try and plan ahead more!

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  3. I used to be so on top of scheduling posts for the month but I fell off it a few months ago. I should get back to it!

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  4. I’m never organized enough to have 6 months of content in advance but I usually have at least a month scheduled. I don’t know how I managed to just sit down and write a post when I needed one on the spot

    Ash | thisdreamsalive

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  5. This is inspiring to read, thank you for sharing. Planning out a blogging schedule would probably help me, as I have been letting other things get in the way of blogging. If I had written posts ahead of time, this would not be such a problem. I really like your ideas!

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  6. I posted about my blog plan a few weeks ago and I’ve not done anything with it since! With everything going on and the build up to lockdown it had to take a backseat. But I hadn’t looked at it from your perspective before, and you’ve inspired me to get writing! Thanks Tea! X

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  7. I agree scheduling is such a helpful technique. I don’t always do it but when I’ve got a post that needs to be up around a certain time of year, I schedule them (I’ve currently got 2 already done for December) I’m lucky that I’ve currently got a lot of spare time to put to my blog but I know that if that changes I will be relying on scheduling more. Great post

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  8. I’ve been spending all my extra time scheduling and planning blog posts! It’s already looking more promising that I can get on focus and track with my blog and not fall back into no content like I have before..

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  9. I suffer from burn out so my favourite thing to do is send out a tweet or go on my stories on insta and ask people for what they wanna see from me!
    Thanks for sharing x

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  10. 6 months planned ahead?! Wow. I plan mine about a month ahead but longer in advance for specific series, 10/12 of my Christmas recipes are already planned, for example. I don’t like to schedule them too far in advance though because I find my wordpress dashboard stressful to look at if I have too many posts there 😂. It’s amazing that you have enough ideas to plan that far in advance! x


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  11. I love planning my blog posts and scheduling! But I have been hit by burn out in the past and ended up not blogging for months 😦 finally back into it and planned for at least a month 🙂

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  12. I have also found that with planning and scheduling blog posts, it allows me more flexibility when something in life comes up. I love being at least 1 month ahead, it puts me at ease haha Thank you so much for the read!

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  13. I love this! I’m like you, I like to have the next months posts all ready and scheduled. I really need to knuckle down and start planning everything properly!

    Al x

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  14. I started this year pretty organised with my blog. I planned out a lot of posts and wrote down when I was going to do them all, but I only went up to April 😂 I need to get planning again!

    My problem is that I start new little projects all the time and then don’t leave myself enough time to do them all!

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  15. The one good thing about being on lockdown is that I can plan my content again! Great post, I feel so much more organised when I have at least a months worth of posts planned x

    – Charlotte /


  16. These are brilliant tips, Tea! I’ve never been able to get very far ahead with my blog schedule, but having all this extra time I’ve been able to write one or two posts in advance. Like you say, it takes the pressure off if you need to have some days off to relax. Hopefully I can stay ahead in the future as I do feel much more organised. Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a lovely weekend ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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