10 things to love about spring

I love spring. Spring means the beginning of a new year, it means flowers and green little buds on the trees.

So here’s 10 reasons you should get into the spring mood.

New life

Spring brings out loads of new life. From little flowers in the park to green buds on the trees. Spring is the beginning. It brings freshness and hope.

Warm coffee served outside

Spring means going for walks and stop at a cafe and get a coffee served outside, while you sit with a blanket over your legs and enjoy the weather.

Coffee and cake
Coffee and cake

Mild weather

Spring is nice mild weather. The sun is out, but not yet burning you to a crisp. And when it rains it brings an air of freshness with it.

Bird singing

So I truly love this one. Nothing screams spring as the sound of birds singing. Even living in the middle of the city I often get to be woken up by birds singing. It’s amazing.

Ice cream

Okay, so I’m on a diet, and therefore not gonna be eating tons of ice creams this year. But, going out on a sunny day and get the years first real old school ice cream is amazing. I usually take the kids to the sea and sit looking at the water while eating it.

First ice cream in spring last year
First ice cream in spring last year


Spring is the perfect time to go on picnics. Make sandwiches, pack a blanket and spend a few hours in the park soaking u some sun and getting some fresh air.


Here we don’t get much sun in winter time so the early spring sun is a beloved thing. Go out, get those batteries charged.

Open windows

Oh this is a favorite one. Being able to open all the windows and let the spring air seep into everything and chase the wintery farts away.


I love seeing all the flowers fill the world with color and light, and it’s a perfect way to put a smile on your face.

Spring flowers on my way to work
Spring flowers on my way to work

Spring markets

Milder weather means that spring markets pop up everywhere. A perfect place to buy fresh produce and second hand stuff.

What’s your favorite spring things?

Love, Tea

54 thoughts on “10 things to love about spring

  1. I’m currently obsessed with Dalgona coffee and I drink it iced. I wonder if that qualifies as a Spring thing? I had to try it after seeing a viral video last week and have been making it every day since. I love it! It’s replaced my steeped tea so I’m saving money too. ☕️💕

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      1. It’s super easy to make and super delicious! Tastes like something from a 5-star coffee shop. Never did I think I would have an appreciation for instant coffee until now. I suggest using Nescafé instant coffee and an electric mixer for best results. You can drink it over the rocks (ice) or hot.😊💕

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  2. Lovely post 😊. I love getting out for long walks in the countryside in Spring. Where I live I’m lucky enough to see fields full of sheep with little lambs bouncing around. They’re so cute!

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  3. This is such a lovely post, Spring always makes me feel more positive and inspired 🙂 I love going out for walks at the moment and am enjoying the nicer weather and the pretty flowers everywhere. Can’t wait to be able to go out and enjoy coffee and cake again!! Thanks for sharing Tea, hope you have a nice week ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  4. Great post! I miss spring (even if it’s spring already). I miss going out for a run in the park and see all the flowers in bloom. I love your warm coffee and ice-cream but most of all spending time outside in the sunlight.

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  5. I do love the spring time. I am actually currently sitting outside on the porch taking in the nice weather we are having today!

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  6. I hate winter, so when spring comes around it makes me so much happier. Seeing all the trees and plants grow back is so lovely! Opening windows is a major factor for me too, I love the fresh air! Great post 🙂

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  7. This is reminding me to try and be more positive. I’m such an A/W person that I usually fall into a massive slump when the seasons change and it gets warmer. One thing I do really love is the lighter nights though, on a practical level it makes getting blog things done so much easier when it’s brighter x


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