Happy Easter

Yay, it’s Easter. I very much enjoy Easter with the food, the chocolate and the spring in full force. Easter is the perfect way to celebrate life, and go on a picnic or have a family lunch.

Today I’m gonna share some of my favorite Easter and spring pins on Pinterest.

Easter Drinks

The classic drink for Easter lunch here in Denmark is beer and snaps. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fancy it up a bit and enjoy some of these amazing Easter drinks.

Easter Cakes

No Easter without cakes, chocolates and delicious desserts. And these desserts will literally make your mouth run. Get inspired and go be creative in the kitchen.

Easter Creative

Easter is the perfect time to let your creative talents lose. From decorating eggs to making the perfect door wreath, the options are limitless.

Easter Decor

Bring spring inside with some cute Easter decor and put a smile on your face.

Easter Table Settings

A great Easter table setting can bring a whole meal together and brighten up your life.

Love, Tea

13 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Everything I tried to make this weekend turned out being a flop. The whipped coffee I made today? Didn’t whip properly… usually, I have no issues. The cake we tried to bake today? There was a leak in the cake pan. We ended up with a very flat, rectangular cake instead of the normal circular cake. The eggs I tried to dye? The tablets didn’t dissolve properly, so there were big colorful smears all over the eggs in a not-so-cute way. The crepes I tried to make this weekend? Big bunny flop. Sometimes, when everything goes wrong, you can’t help but shrug, laugh, and cry at the less-than-perfect moments. 🤦‍♀️


  2. We only started decorating the house for Easter a couple of years back but now it’s a regular thing. Picking foliage from the garden and hanging eggs from it, getting crafty with some new handing decorations, and baking of course! Lovely pins, Tea, I hope you had a good Easter, however you spent it xx

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  3. These are lovely ideas, Tea! I especially enjoy baking and crafts at Easter! This year I made some cakes and ate a lot of chocolate, haha! I would love to decorate the table with some cute Easter decor one year, those pins are so pretty, thank you for sharing! Hope you had a great weekend! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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