Goodie box subscription

One of my goals this year was to do more self care activities, and to help with that I decided to try a beauty/selfcare subscription box. I’ve tried this one once before and while I loved the box, my experience with the company was far from good. But, I decided to give them another go, and I am so happy I did that.

Once a month, I receive a secret box, filled with all kinds of things. I pay 169 DKK a month, but the value of the box is at least 550 DKK and it always got at least 3 full size products.

So why do I love it:

First of all it’s basically getting a secret present from yourself once a month, and who doesn’t love that? It also introduce me to a lot of new products I would never think about buying for myself. I’ve discovered a lot of brilliant products from the boxes and it let’s me try some very expensive products I would never spend the money on in a million years.

What do I get?

It’s a beauty an self care box, so content I’ve received so far have been things like: Face masks, Foot masks, Face/body creams, Mascara, Lip gloss, Face massager, Reusable makeup remover pads, and perfumes, just to name a few.

A lot of the products I’ve received so far have also been cruelty free/vegan/environmental friendly, which is a big plus in my book (though it’s not all products and there’s no guarantee that there will be any of those in the box)

Dr. botanicals pomegranate superfood regenerating sleeping mask – one of my favorites

Is it worth the money?

For me it’s totally worth the money. So far there’s been two products I didn’t like/couldn’t use. A makeup remover that was too oily, and a cream that made my sensitive skin break out. And of course, the best thing is that it inspires me to take time out of my busy life and do some self care. You make a beauty profile when you sign up and some of the boxes will be designed to fit your profile, and some wont. (Like I got a box put together to people with sensitive skin, which contained some really helpful products)

Would I recommend this to others?

Absolutely, but do your research. I did a lot of research to find one that fit with my needs. Some of the boxes I found was super expensive and the content was a bit weird. One of them contained basic stuff you could go buy at your local super market, including cheap water bottle and candy 0_o But if you do your research, I bet you’ll be super happy with it too, and hopefully get inspired to take more self care time.

Have you ever tried a subscription box? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

Cat paw pink

9 thoughts on “Goodie box subscription

  1. Love this idea, will definitely look into it once I am back in my home country again. That body souffle sounds delightful.


    1. I’ve never done it before and I argued with myself a lot because it seems like a lot of money to spend. But honestly, a lot of people spend more in coffee shops a month and I almost never buy coffee or cakes or coffee shop treats so I decided this was my “coffee shop treat” lol 😂


  2. Oooh! I love the treats you got to the subscription! It is great that you got to sample everything to see what you like. Pretty cool that there is a wide range of products! I haven’t tried a subscription box before but maybe I should!

    Nancy ♥


  3. I’ve always wondered about these boxes, seems like a lot of excess stuff. But thank you for explaining why you order it and I’m glad to hear you find so much joy from it! I’d love getting a lil surprise box every month but my skin is so particular and sensitive that I could never be a beauty blogger 😀 Couple months back I bought the wrong moisturizer, same brand but a little different consistency, and oh my goodness my skin suffered, lol. You lucky ones can have my boxes too 😉 ❤️

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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