weight loss update

It was January 13. Christmas was over, and I had just been sick for 14 days with some kind of cold/influenza, so I had been living of take away junk food.

Every single kilo I had managed to lose in 2019 had gone back on.

I was miserable.

My body felt sluggish, I had zero stamina, and I honestly didn’t like to see myself in the mirror. I had gotten to a point where going shopping for clothes meant buying clothes and then take it home to try it on, because if I saw myself in the big mirrors at the stores I would leave without buying anything.

So, I decided that now was the time to do it. No more excuses, no more “cheat days”, no more lying to myself.

2020 was the year I was gonna lose all 27 kg that I was lugging around.

That’s now a bit more than 3 months ago, and I’m still going strong. It has been so hard, and there have been times where I just wanted to throw the towel in the ring, say “fuck this” and eat a whole pizza, but I haven’t. And seeing the weight go down have been amazing.

I’m keeping myself accountable every month by sharing all the nitty gritty numbers, that most of us would rather never got shared with the world. But for me it’s both a motivator, but also my little rebellion against the whole “women should be ashamed of their weight to the point even normal weight women wont share it because the number is embarrassing” culture out there.

By now I’m 8 Kg down.

I have always had a hard time losing weight and I got frustrated and annoyed and gave up. I told myself all kinds of stupid shit as an excuse for why I didn’t lose the weight, when in reality it was probably more about me wanting fast results, and not willing to stick it out, coupled with the stupidity of under eating with a few hundred calories a day in the weekdays and then overeating on the weekends, cancelling out all my good work.

But, this year I’ve been standing strong. I’ve cut out (or down on) all the things that I have a tendency to overeat. This means cakes, candy, soda (even diet) and most carbs like potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and so on. And while it’s been really hard and I’ve failed miserably some days, I’m really happy about my progress, and every 100 grams down motivates me even more.

I know there will be times this year where I’ll not stick to my diet. The weekend away with my sister is one of them. I’m getting healthy not fanatic, and while every little thing shouldn’t be an excuse to go off the diet, I think having a few planned events where you’ve decided you can go all out, helps stand fast all the other times temptation comes your way. At least that’s how it works for me.

I’ve written a few posts about the things that’s working for me, that you can check out if you feel inspired 🙂

The do’s of dieting

The don’ts of dieting

Let’s talk diet shakes

Love, Tea

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