April Roundup


Today is my youngest kiddo’s birthday, and he turns 11 and OMG someone is stealing time, because I’m not that old. He’s at his dad’s place this week, so we celebrated his birthday the Saturday before last. We normally go out for sushi for his birthday (his favorite) but since all restaurants are closed, we had to do something else. So we started the day going for a long walk. We grabbed take away burgers for lunch, and went to the boardwalk and ate them while enjoying sun and fresh sea air. Then we walked some more and picked up some ice cream from a local new ice cream place that makes their own ice cream. Delicious. Then we ordered sushi take away for dinner, and ate enough to feed an army. And ended the night watching Howl’s moving castle, and had candy and cake.

April was also the day I had my last day at work. It was a really sad day, but I had baked them a delicious carrot cake, and they gave me a pretty silver necklace. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back there soon, when the world turns a bit more normal.

The carrot cake for work.

And lastly, last weekend we went to visit my parents. It was good to finally see them again, and the kids loved to spend time with the dogs and play outside. The kids found a hollow tree in the nearby tiny forest, and we saw so many squirrels in their garden.


I am really enjoying my planning system, and it’s such a big help. All the little tweaks I’ve made to it makes life so much easier, and blogging feels much more relaxing and enjoyable like this. If you wanna read about my planning, you can find posts about it here:

How I plan +6 months of blogging
Blog planning and why you need to do it

Weight loss:

Okay, so this month have been weight loss hell. My weight have been going between 80.1 kg and 79.1 kg all month. Just jumping up and down, up and down, up and down, slowly stealing my sanity and patience. It has been the worst month ever, because despite having a few days here and there (sons birthday celebration and days at my parents) I’ve kept good and kept to my calories all other days, so overall it should have been going down, it just isn’t. But, I’m staying strong, eating loads of healthy things, and sticking to my calories, and I’m sure it’ll go down again soon enough.

So, the numbers:

April Start weight: 79.3 kg

April end weight: 80.2 Kg

Gain/loss: + 0,9 kg

Total Loss: 7.1 kg

It’s so frustrating to see those numbers, and especially to be above 80 again, but I’m not gonna give up, not this time, and next month I’ll be lower, I just know it.

If you wanna read more about my weight loss journey, you can find a post about it here:

Weight loss update


These were my April goals:
Find new job
Lose 2 kg
Do exercise/yoga/stretching every day
Read 2 books
Write 10 blog posts

I didn’t find a new job, I didn’t lose 2 kg, and I didn’t write 10 blog posts. I did read 2 books, and do some form of exercise every day, even if it was just a long walk. Overall, April sucked when it comes to my goals. But, I’m hopeful that May will be better.

May goals:

Lose 2 kg
Do exercise/yoga/stretching every day
Read 2 books
Write 10 blog posts

I hope you all had a wonderful April despite the weirdness of it all.

Love, Tea

Cat paw pink

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