Summer blogging ideas

Keeping up with blogging and getting ideas can be hard. Especially when the sun is calling and you just wanna go out and soak up some vitamin-d after winter. So today I’m gonna share some great ideas for all your summer blogging. Travel Travel bucket listStaycation ideasTravel with kidsFavorite vacation you went onWhy should people [...]

Meal Planning

Meal planning is the perfect way to reduce stress doing the week, save money and stop wasting food. I'm a huge fan of meal planning, and it helps me so much to take the time to do a weekly meal plan where I plan everything from breakfast to snacks. So, let’s talk about what meal [...]

Sunscreen sunscreen

Summer is on it’s way, we’re all spending as much time as possible outside to get our fill of warmth and soon the time for laying hours outside on the beach or in the park is upon us. So, today we’re gonna talk sunscreen. Why sunscreen? Well the most obvious reason is that sunscreen protects [...]