Our workspace can play a big role in our life, and it’s all about getting the best out of the circumstances we have.

My current workspace:

I do not have a dedicated workspace as I currently live in a tiny apartment and therefore work where ever there’s room. That might be the dinner table, the couch or even my bed.

That means all I really need is my phone and computer.

Other than these, I just need something to drink. I’m real bad at forgetting to drink, so having a cup of tea and a pitcher with water keeps me hydrated.

I also often have a coloring book, some colors and my journal with me. I have a little basket so I can easily move them all around. I find that having these around are great for when I get stuck in writing.

Sometimes moving your workspace and adding some extra “sparkle” can be a great motivator. Here it’s me and my sister working outside in the sun, enjoying a glass of bubbles at our weekend getaway.

I would love to have a real dedicated workspace at some point in life, but as it is, I’m doing okay. Even if it’s bad for my back to not have a nice work chair. Having a desk to fit all my notes, papers and ideas would be amazing.

My dream workspace:

My dream office, would have one of those really big curved desks, so I could have room for all my notes and papers. Especially when I’m writing on a novel, I need a lot of space for notes and books. I’d want a few big white boards on the walls to keep everything.

I’d also like loads of green plants, and art on the walls. And some book cases to keep all my stuff, hehe

What do you keep in your workspace? And what’s your dream setup? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

Cat paw pink

6 thoughts on “Workspace

  1. My workspace is a desk in the spare room so I’m very lucky. My dream would be to have a garden office at the end of our orchard, as I find I get interrupted all too often in the house. But I’m all for adding some extra “sparkly” motivation! Lisa x

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