10 ways to take charge of your life

Sometimes life just feels overwhelming and you feel like you’re more of a passenger than the driver in your life.

So today I’m sharing 10 tips on how to take charge of your life.

Use a planner

If you feel overwhelmed a good planner is the way to go. You can either use on one your phone, an old school paper one that fit in your bag, or one for the wall where it’s easy to see.

Meal plan

Getting home and already being tired and stressed out, and then having to figure out what to have for dinner is neither productive or smart. On top of that it often ends up being expensive. So start meal planning and spend a few hours of your weekend to figure out what to eat the next week and then go shopping. Planning from what’s on sale that week will also help you save money.

Read more about meal planning here – Meal planning

Say no

I have a whole post on why saying no is okay. It’s good for your mental health and part of being in charge of your life is knowing when you need a break.


Clutter adds to stress, and feeling over whelmed. So take a weekend and de-clutter your life from all the stuff you don’t actually need.


Living pay check to pay check and having a single bill knock down the card house is no fun. So start budgeting and keep to it. Know how much you have to spend each week, and if you can go below you put the left over in savings.

Cleaning routine

Make a cleaning routine, so you never get behind on the cleaning and get overwhelmed. Plan to do a bit every day, and save the big things for when you have time off.

Set yourself goals

Being in charge of your life means knowing where you wanna go with it. So sit down and make some goals for yourself. It doesn’t have to be big goals or yearly goals. You can start small and set goals for the week or the month.

Read more about setting goals here – 6 steps to achievable goals

Have a morning and night routine

Starting and ending your day the right way can mean so much for having a good and productive day. So make a routine that works for you and get the best out of every day.

Use to-do lists

Don’t run around like a head less chicken trying to keep everything in your head. Make to-do lists for the day so you know what you gotta do, and how to best prioritize them.

Schedule “me-time”

Just like we need to schedule and plan everything else in our lives, taking time for yourself is part of being in charge of your life. So put in an hour or two for just you every week.

Love, Tea

9 thoughts on “10 ways to take charge of your life

  1. These are fantastic suggestions, Tea! I also feel like my life is in some kinda order when I use my planner regularly. I’ve just started writing a daily to-do list to help me feel more productive and organised, even if it’s just little things to give my day more structure. Goals are really important too, we all need things to work towards and achieve. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas, have a lovely weekend! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

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