Broccoli mash

So, as some of you might have heard, seen or noticed, I’m trying to lose weight. I started 2019, lost a lot of weight, put it all back on again, and started up in 2020 determined that this year is my year, and so far so good. One of the things I’ve cut down on is potatoes, because they make me bloated and slows my weight loss down so much. But, let’s be honest. Potatoes are fucking delicious.

One thing I’ve been missing so much is mashed potatoes. Just thinking about mashed potatoes with gravy makes my mouth water, and honestly it was getting to a point where I was becoming a bit obsessed. So, I decided to find a delicious alternative.

Enter the broccoli mash.

Well, rightfully it should be called the broccoli/carrot/cauliflower mash, but that’s way to long, so here we just call it the broccoli mash.

It’s probably the easiest thing I’ve made in a long, long time, and it’s super delicious, can be used for so many things, and I’ve even mixed it with a few eggs and baked in the oven.


1 bag of frozen broccoli mix (with broccoli/carrots/cauliflower)
1 teaspoon salt
Pepper and salt to taste

How to:

Boil the veggies in loads of water, with the salt, until a bit overdone. Strain the water out and make sure as much water is gone as possible as the veggies contains loads of water, and too much water makes the mash runny. I like to use a handmixer to make it into a nice fluffy mash. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Pro tip:

Mix in shredded cheese and an egg and bake in the oven to serve to a roast.

Mix in a spoonfull of butter for a more creamy mash.

Replace half the veggies with potatoes and make a green potato mash.

That’s it.

So easy, and taste amazing. And a great way to get extra veggies into your daily intake.

Love, Tea

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