Summer blogging ideas

Keeping up with blogging and getting ideas can be hard. Especially when the sun is calling and you just wanna go out and soak up some vitamin-d after winter. So today I’m gonna share some great ideas for all your summer blogging.


Travel bucket list
Staycation ideas
Travel with kids
Favorite vacation you went on
Why should people come to your town/what’s worth seeing
Camping essentials


Summer skincare
Summer outfits
Hot weather hair tutorials
Hot weather work attire
Summer makeup
Summer essentials in your bag
Summer thrift store haul

Copy of Copy of Kopi af Kopi af Copy of 5 delicious Easter egg Dishes


Warm weather workout
How to stay hydrated
Healthy summer food ideas


How to stay motivated in the heat
Halfway through the year goal update
Best ways to take photos in the sun


Cold dinner recipe
Favorite ice cream
What’s in season recipe
Cold drink recipe
Camping dinners
Meatfree BBQ


Summer playlist
Summer reading list
Movies/series to watch


Things you love about summer
Beach essentials
Picnic essentials
Bring summer inside
Summer cleaning


Things to do this summer (adult or kids version)
Garden party ideas
Go on a day trip – take pics and do a post
Summer crafts
No cost/ low cost activities

Happy blogging

Love, Tea

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