May Roundup


So may is gone, and wow it’s gone fast and soooo much have been going on.

Lets start with the best news ever. I GOT A NEW APARTMENT. Yes, I finally after 2 years of looking and being on waiting lists, got a new apartment that I can afford and have enough space for us all. I’ve slowly begun packing and sorting a lot of stuff, and in a week or so, I’m gonna really start in on the packing. And honestly I can’t wait. I love packing, because it’s the perfect way to really get everything sorted and only keep the things you truly love.

May was also the month the whole family went on a trip. Normally the whole extended family, with cousins, aunt’s and uncles meet up, but corona put a stop to that, so it was just my sisters, our kids, and our parents. It was so nice seeing everyone for a few days.

This weekend one of my sisters came to visit, and we had some much needed grown up time, with walks, sun and good food.

The bad news is that I’m still not working, and not working is draining all my energy. Not so much not working, but being in this not knowing state. It’s messing with my head. So as some might have noticed the blog have suffered a bit, but I hope I’m back on track again.


Urgh, let’s not talk about it. Okay, of course I’m gonna talk about it, but I am so fed up with this weightloss. I’m getting real frustrated of doing everything right for weeks after weeks, and almost loosing nothing, and three days with loads of walking and some good food, and I put on 1 kg.

My weight haven’t done any real movement other than up and down for 2 months and I wanna pull my hair out. Well, mostly I wanna say “fuck it”, but even if I have days where I just don’t give a fuck, I try to keep all my normal days as healthy as possible. I move, I eat healthy and I take care of myself. I’m hoping this is just a hump on the way, and once I get over I’m gonna start loosing weight again.

The numbers:

May Start weight: 80,2 kg

May end weight: 80.4 Kg

Gain/loss: + 0,2 kg

Total Loss: 6.9 kg


I had a lot of goals for May and just about zero got done. I didn’t lose 2 kg, I didn’t read 2 books, and I didn’t write 10 blog posts. I did do some kind of exercise/stretching/walking every day and I’m actually pretty proud of that.

My goals for June:

– Get back on track with my weightloss
– Write 10 blog posts
– Get back to normal blogging routine

I hope you all had a good May.

Happy summer.

Love, Tea

Cat paw pink

4 thoughts on “May Roundup

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely month! Congrats on the new apartment, bet you can’t wait to make it your own. I’m totally with you on the whole goal thing for May. I didn’t achieve any of mine either 🙈

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    1. I soooo can’t wait to move. I hate my apartment. It’s small, and old and badly layout, so moving is gonna be such a big thing for me.
      And yeah, May seemed to be really bad for a lot of people when it come to goals hehe


  2. Ooo busy bee girl!!! Hey dont be hard on yourself with the whole weight thing, try this… stop weighing.. just a few weeks!! Instead measures your body, get the tape out as you will see more of a difference in numbers that way 🙂 if you ever want to rant or chat you know where I am!! Congratz on the apartment!! Xx

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