Blogging pet peeves

We go to a blog, all hyped to read a post and then we see them. The blogging pet peeves.

And let’s be honest. We all have them. The little (or big) things that make us grind our teeth and wanting to yell at the blogger. So today I’m gonna share my top blogging pet peeves with you all.

1 Not having your blog mobile friendly.

And I’m not just talking about your website in general (though not having a mobile friendly website is a biiiiiiig minus in my world) but I’m talking about having a cookie banner, two advertisements, and a “sign up for my newsletter” all fill my screen with no obvious way to get it all to go away. I came here to read your blog not hunt for a tiny X hiding in a corner. I totally get that everyone is trying to make it in the blogging world, but there’s a good way of doing it, and a bad way of doing it, and the bad way scares people away.

2 Newsletter signup.

Now, this might just be me, but nothing annoys me as much as going to a new blog (again especially on my phone) and having a “Sign up for my newsletter” pop up in my face before I even read 3 words. Because, no, I’m not gonna sign up before reading what you have to offer, and now you’ve annoyed me before I even got to the good part. I would much rather people put their sign up as a big option at the bottom of every blogpost. That way I have formed an opinion when I get to it.

3 Too many affiliate links.

Again, I get it, we’re all trying to make it big and make some bucks. But when a post consist of 15 affiliate links and completely empty words, no words (the worst), or sales pitches taken from the product pages, you didn’t write a blog post. You wrote an inventory of products that you would like me to spend money on so you can earn some money.

4 Commenting sign up.

Imagine this. You’ve read an awesome blog post and you really wanna leave a comment, You find the little box, and then start typing. You write the most awesome comment ever, and you can’t wait for the blogger to read it. You press “comment”. And then this stupid thing pops up telling you you have to sign in to comment. You wonder what exactly you have to sign into. Is it wordpress? Disqus? Google? Oh no, not at all. You have to sign in to that specific website’s own little commenting world, and if you haven’t already you now have to sign up (which in 99% of the time means also signing up to their newsletter, or commercials, or 5 weeks of blogging tips for beginners). For me, the sign up/sign in pop up is the same as telling me not to comment.

Do you have any blogging pet peeves? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

27 thoughts on “Blogging pet peeves

  1. The comment sign in thing drives me nuts, but mainly because my phone keeps logging me out but not telling me so allows me to make a comment that then just vanishes!

    Also comment swaps, thats my pet peeve. When you regularly comment on certain peoples blogs but never get one in return, its called a swap people!

    Wow I didn’t realise that bothered me so much lol x


  2. A big pet peeve is definitely having to jump through hoops to leave a comment. People are missing out on so many comments because their blog isn’t reader friendly! I also had too many ADs from AdSense or whoever within a blog post. I was reading a post the other day that had ads between every paragraph, along the side, along the bottom. I could barely distinguish between the post and the ads!

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    1. Yeah, I always leave after that.
      I’m totally fine with having to use google, wordpress or other normal comment options. Or even just leaving your name and email. It keeps the spam down. But signing up and becoming a “member” of some website just isn’t happening

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  3. I have 2 major pet peeves. The first is the comment thing. If I have to jump through hoops just to leave you a comment, I’m likely going to give up halfway there. If I have to sign up to your newsletter, not only are you likely never getting a comment from me again, but I’m likely going to unsubscribe from the mailing list that you made me join. Don’t get me wrong, I belong to quite a few mailing lists to show my support – but they gave me the CHOICE to join them if I connected with their content.

    Second, pop-ups. I get it, they have their purpose. I’m totally okay with one (as long as it’s clear on how to close it out), maybe even 2 in some cases if they are small and strategically timed. However, if I’m hit with a wave of pop-ups the second that I open your site, I’m likely closing it out before even reading your content…

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    1. Yessss… Today I got unto a website on my phone, that had 2 popup sign ups and a popup commercial, and I couldn’t close any of the sign ups because the commercial covered for the close down option so you had to watch that first >< Needles to say I left before that.


  4. 1. When people pay big bucks for coaching and blogging courses, but they don’t engage with their readers, or respond to comments. Gawd, that annoys me so much. Why pay all of that money to learn how to blog when you don’t bother implementing the stuff you learned? This also applies to bloggers who don’t pay for blogging courses and coaching, like me. No amount of $$$ is going to make people better bloggers if they don’t engage or talk to humans.

    2. The inability to comment on people’s blog posts. This is a community which means engaging with an audience. People who switch hosting platforms need to figure that shit out… like I get it. People buy domains and then stuff randomly vanishes like the ability to comment. But there’s books and courses to figure stuff out…. and in that case, maybe these people could use some coaching or guidance on Blogging for Dummies 1010.

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      1. Exactly! It’s a huge faux paux of mine… bloggers NEED a comment section. It is not optional. Several bloggers who have deactivated their comments section or didn’t try to restore theirs after switching to a self-hosted site have lost tons of followers and engagement. They rely heavily on IG and other social media platforms and end up spreading themselves too thin. It’s gonna lead to burn out, when the main issue was the absence of engagement on WP 🤦‍♀️

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    1. yeah, I totally get that, though I have to admit I’m one of the people who is always behind on answering comments. I always reply to every comment I get, it might just take me some time to get to it ><

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  5. I have to agree with the comment sign up. I tend to comment more on those blogs where I don’t have to sign up or wordpress because I’m already logged in for that matter (sorry to anyone with other sites) but I don’t want to manage more social media accounts than I currently have which is also a lot.


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