Let’s talk stretch marks

I was very much on the fence about this post, but in the end decided to write it. So, let’s get personal. As I’ve mentioned before, I have 2 kids, and while pregnant with both of them I put on a lot of weight. Being pregnant and putting on weight is a bad combination for your skin, and I have stretch marks, a lot of stretch marks, all over my body. From my boobs to my thighs.

On both my boobs and my thighs the stretch marks shows up as little white lines. They are mostly the cute little things that you think about when thinking pregnant and stretch marks. They are mostly visible when I get a tan, but since I don’t really tan, that’s not the biggest problem.

The ones on my stomach and pelvic area (yes, even the bush can get stretch marks, who knew) on the other hand are not the pretty little white lines. They cover my stomach in a spiderweb of lines going from pale white to a more purple color. Some are thin, but a lot of them are big, and angry looking, even 11 years after I had my last kid.

I have read article after article about how to make them go away, but truth is, they are there to stay. Stretch marks are the destruction of the collagen and tissue in the deep skin layers, and while expensive laser treatment might make the worst of them seem smaller, they would always be there.

The marks on my stomach

People call them scars, which isn’t actually true, because a scar is the result of the body repairing itself, and the stretch marks are the result of the body not being able to repair itself, but as with a scar, the stretch marks might fade a bit over time, but for most they are here to stay.

I’m working hard on accepting that these marks are just part of who I am, just like the lose skin that’s appearing with my weight loss, and most days I’m doing good and some days it sucks so bad. But one thing is for sure, I’m done trying to hide them. We all have “flaws”, it’s what makes us all unique, and we really shouldn’t feel ashamed no matter what the media tells us.

Love, Tea

Cat paw pink

18 thoughts on “Let’s talk stretch marks

  1. This is such a vulnerable post, I love this. I am in my 20s and I have stretch marks and I’ve been a bit self-conscious with them. But it’s true, there’s nothing there to be ashamed of and people need to know how normal this is.

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  2. I 100% was not aware that you could get them on the pelvic area too. That’s so interesting. But they’re part of your story, and at least you got them from your pregnancies so those little marks contributed to giving you something too. We all have flaws we have to try and accept x


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    1. Hehe actually the ones on my thighs are a bit cute, like little white lines. Its the stomach ones I hate a little bit because they are bluish red in some places and very easy to see


  3. I put on almost half my body weight again when I was pregnant with small boy, didn’t use the body butters and oils I had with large boy and have some how ended up with just a few marks below my c section scar. I think a lot of it is down to genetics and predisposition. I’ve got a flappy apron flopping over my scar instead though.

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  4. I commend you for being so open in this post as I’m sure it can’t have been easy for you to do. Stretch marks are natural and I think what’s not spoken about enough is that anyone can get them and they appear in different parts of the body (I have some just about my armpits). So glad you are on your journey to accepting them ❤️

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    1. I’m using bio oil and it has helped a little. Mostly though i’m just learning that they are a part of me, and the fact that my boyfriend doesn’t care at all about them helps a lot 🙂


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