Blogs to read

It’s summer, the sun is shining (some of the time at least) and the kids are enjoying not having to do school work. In other words, it’s time for relaxing.

Today I wanna introduce you to some of my favorite blogs, that’s perfect for hours of browsing interesting blogposts, while sipping a cool summer drink.


If you’re a blogger like me, the first blog on the list is the perfect place to spend some time. Jenny write about all things blog related and gives some very honest advice about how to make it as a blogger. You can also find the occasional post about mental health, travel and and other fun things 🙂


Jordanne writes honest and openly about life, products she loves and recipes to try out. You can also enjoy her amazing photographs and pics of her cutie cat.


If you want to cut down on meat, or go vegan/vegetarian, this is the place to go. Sophie is living her life plant based, and share amazing and delicious everyday vegan recipes. She talks about nutrition in a way most people can easily follow and give great tips on how to live healthy without meat.


If you have an interest in style and image, and want to look your best, this is the place for you. Jenni shares loads of tips and tricks on how to enhance your own style, and feel good about yourself.

I hope you’ll give all these amazing blogs, and bloggers, a read.

Love, Tea

12 thoughts on “Blogs to read

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, and I’m in great company. I love all of the other blogs you’ve mentioned here. And I think this list is a great compilation of a few different niches as well. Probably something for everyone here x


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