Advice for new bloggers

So you started a new blog, and got it set up just like you like it, and now it’s time to write that first blog post, and you’re blank. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You might have your head filled with good ideas, but how do you start? How do you introduce yourself to the blogging world?

Today I’m gonna share a few tips for new bloggers, along with a few ideas for those first blog posts.


The about page: It might seem easy to just write a few lines and that’s it. Who in their right mind even read the about page. Aren’t people just on your blog to read your posts? Well, to some extend. But if you wanna establish yourself as an expert in your field (or even just as someone people should go to when needing advice) you need to explain why they should choose you. It’s also a great way to let your return readers and followers learn a bit more about you. The about page is also often the first place brands and companies go if considering working with you.

Your theme: Before even writing the first blog post, sit down and decide what your blog is gonna be about. Do you wanna be a lifeblog? Foodblog? Carblog? DIYblog? The ideas are endless, so sit down and do some real brainstorming. Then set up your blog for that. If you wanna write about cars it might not be a good idea to use a food background 😛 Having a clear theme also makes planning and coming up with ideas for blogposts so much easier.

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Time management: Decide how much time you have to use on your blog, and realistically want to use on it. Is it gonna be a fun little hobby or do you wanna make a living? It takes more time than you think to run a blog. It’s not just writing blog posts. You need to maintain the blog, do updates, SEO, do marketing, and answer questions/comments. And that’s just a few of them all.

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Advertisement: If you want people to visit your blog, you need to let them know you exist. Social media is great for this, and it easily let you connect with readers in your niche. My advice though, is to have more than a few blogpost (I normally say 5) before starting to spread the word. It can feel very empty for the reader to come to a blog with only one post on it.

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The first blogposts

The introduction posts: Like the about me page, this post is all about letting your readers get to know you. See it as a more informal, lighthearted way to connect with your readers.

The how to blog post: The how to blog post is a great way to draw in new readers. 1) people love learning new things 2) it can give the best titles to draw in people. It also let you show of some of your knowledge that’ll hopefully bring people back again.

The list post: The list post let you share some quick info about a topic you love. Are you a bookblogger? Well, then make a list of the 50 books to read before you die. Foodblogger? List the best places to eat in your town.

The review post: Write a review of a new product you’ve tried out. Or even write a review of your favorite product. The options are endless and people love to read an honest review.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

Love, Tea

15 thoughts on “Advice for new bloggers

  1. Some great tips. An about me page is SO important as it can help convert casual readers into followers, customers and clients. It’s a great tool to really sell yourself so definitely don’t short change yourself on your about me page! 🙂

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  2. Good advice. When choosing a theme, it’s important not only to consider your niche but also to ensure that you’re picking something that is easy to navigate. There are some themes out there that may ‘look nice’ at first glance, but they make it nearly impossible for a reader to discover the rest of your content. You want to make it as easy for your audience to navigate through your site and find content as possible!

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  3. Yes, very helpful post. Love the kinds of posts bit. Our blog is only a few months old. I am sure we can do better in promoting it. But for now, it is something we do for fun, really casual. It gets us going.

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