10 bad habits to stop now

We all have them. Bad habits that’s so hard to let go off, but isn’t exactly making our lives better. But, it can sometimes be hard to identify what habits are bad, because, well, they are habits. We do them without even thinking about it.

Saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”

You ever had to do a job around your home, and you keep making excuses why you shouldn’t do it right now. And then suddenly 3 months went by, and you’ve used hours of brainpower not only making up excuses, but also feeling guilty. And when you finally do the thing, it takes 20 min. The phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow” is such a bad habit, and unless you really, really, really can’t do it before tomorrow, you should do it today.

Talking bad about yourself

A lot of people stand in front of the mirror, and talk bad about themselves. Fat stomach, flat ass, saggy boobs, stretchmarks… there’s a million places to bitch about. But a lot of us also do it during the day. We constantly berate ourselves for actions we take, often quite normal actions. I’m so stupid, I don’t deserve it, I’m fat, I’m ugly… We say a lot of stuff to our selves that we would never say put loud to another human being, so we really shouldn’t say it to ourselves. So if this is the only thing you take away from this list, this is the one. Be nice to yourself. You deserve it.

Apologizing for being you

You’ve probably done it without ever thinking about it. Saying sorry for just being you. Laughing loudly = Say sorry. Talking about your hobby = Say sorry. Being excited = say sorry. We have this weird idea that we need to fit into this box, and anything that doesn’t fit into it we have to apologize for. Well, I’m here to say that unless you’re being super rude to the people around you, stop saying sorry. You’re allowed to just be you, and you’ll be much more happy for it.

Not getting enough sleep

How often do you get 8 hours of sleep at night? How often do you get 7? A lot of people don’t get enough sleep, and it’s really really bad for them. Your body need sleep to reset, recharge and settle. If you don’t get enough you’ll feel sluggish, youll be more likely to make bad choices and your brain will be slower. So do yourself a favor and get your sleep.

By Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash

Not making time for yourself

It can be hard in a busy day to fit everything in, but just as it’s important to take care of those you love, it’s just as important to take care of yourself. So, take a few minutes every day to focus on yourself, and you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

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Comparing yourself to others

Just like the one about talking bad about yourself, comparing yourself to others is such a bad habit. It doesn’t matter if it’s the good or bad kind of comparing, it’ll do you no good. We are all living different lives and with the risk of sounding like a total cliche, you don’t know the whole story of another persons life. You only see one tiny little sliver of it. So ditch this bad habit, and be happy with yourself just because you are you.


Much like the “I’ll do it tomorrow”, procrastination is a huge time stealer. Need to finish that blogpost but you just need to check one more thing on Pinterest and 3 hours later you’ve made three new boards but still haven’t finished the blog post. So do yourself a favor and limit procrastination. It’ll be good for your productivity.

Never forgiving yourself/letting go of the past

Still blame yourself for that blunder you did at a party when you where 15? Or do you lie awake at night, not able to sleep because you keep thinking about how you snapped at your best friend 3 weeks ago? Forgiving ourselves is a hard thing and a lot of us is in the habit of keeping a tight hold on old things that we really should forgive, let go and move on from.

Never saying no

Saying yes can be such a bad habit. Every time we’re asked to do something, be it bake a cake or go to a party, we say yes before even thinking how it’ll fit into our schedule and we end up stressed and not having fun at all. So do yourself a favor and drop this bad habit. It’s fine to say no once in a while.

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Running on empty

This might be one of the really bad ones. Running on empty. It’s such a bad habit that a lot of people suffer from. We live so busily that we don’t take time to eat a good meal, and when we finally do eat it’s something bad that doesn’t really do anything good for us. Make it a habit to eat healthy smaller meals through the day and feel the energy and productivity go up.

I hope these inspire you to drop a few bad habits.

Wanna share your worst habit or tip on how to break a bad habit? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Love, Tea

34 thoughts on “10 bad habits to stop now

    1. I did that for years. it was so bad. And then i finally managed to stop it and normally don’t do it, but if I’m super stressed or super bored, i’ll end up with a ruined nail.


    1. It is so hard to sleep in this heat. In fact i find it hard to just functioning in this heat. me and the kids have taken to 5 am walks 3 times a week to get some exercise in without melting.


    1. It really is a bad habit and the dangerous part is once you start doing the “i’ll do it tomorrow” it’ll just build and build until you feel like you never get anything done because you’re overwhelmed with the list of things to do.


  1. I’ve made some changes in the last year that have really helped me with making time for myself and in turn I’m sleeping better too. I need to be better at not caring what people think, so I’m more myself and to let go of all the little things I might have done wrong in the past.

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      1. I dropped working on Fridays, doing 90% in 4 days, but the same hours I’d always worked. Having a few hours to myself has been wonderfully calming. Just being able to choose how I spend that time without input from anyone else is so novel and feels great.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tea. What a great article. I suspect that I’ve been guilty of a few of these at one time or another. Still, on the plus side, it gives us something to work on doesn’t it? It’d be no fun if we didn’t have any bad habits!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Honestly, I really needed this read haha. I’ve been guilty of a lot of these, but I’ve learned that these habits are only going to bring me down. Appreciated this post, and it’s a nice way to know that you’re worth more and you can better yourself ❤️


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