Blogging communities and why you should join one

Blogging communities exists in all sizes and shapes, and you can always find something fitting you and your blog. Joining a community can have a lot of benefits, and today I’m gonna tell about a few of them.

Learn tips and tricks:

In good blogging communities there’s always someone willing to answer a question, and you’ll find people are willing to share all kind of tips and tricks. A lot of bloggers will also have written more in depth blog posts, they’ll link you to, if you want more info on a subject.

Read great content:

I’ve found some of my favorite blogs through blogging communities, and I constantly find new great content to read. It’s actually one of my relaxing activities, to just sit down with a cup of coffee and find new blogs to read. And as a bonus you get to help those bloggers get more views, and visitors.

Helps build relationships:

Blogging communities is a great place to find friends and build up blogging relationships. Even if you aren’t looking for a new best friend, having some good blogging relationships can go a long way in making life easier.

Get feedback from all kinds of people:

Need feedback on a new blog theme? Or are you trying out some new plugin and not sure if it’s working right. There’s always a lot of people willing to give feedback, both as readers and as bloggers. It’s a great help when making your blog more reader friendly.

Help narrow down your target audience:

Not sure who your target audience is, and how to get them to come read your blog? A blogging community can be awesome with that. They can help give you tips and tricks on how to reach the right people, how to better target them and how to narrow down who you wanna write for.

Help reach blogging goals:

Everyone should have blog goals. Even if they are super small or simple. And again blogging communities can be a big help. Trying to get more subscribers to your newsletter? Let your blogging community help spread the word 🙂

Drive traffic to your blog:

The last one I wanna mention is that it helps drive traffic to your blog. If you are active, comment, share and engage, it will get you more visits and views in the long run. It’s a nice bonus 🙂

I hope you’ll find an awesome blogging community to join.

Love, Tea

8 thoughts on “Blogging communities and why you should join one

  1. The blogging community is absolutely amazing isn’t it? I had no idea of the amount of friendship and support, never mind the incredible founts of knowledge, that I’d find. Truly, starting a blog was one of the best decisions I ever made, I feel so lucky in all my blogger friends! Lisa

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  2. I feel such a twit for not joining Facebook communities for over a year after starting blogging. They’re brilliant and I’m really enjoying following more and varied blogs I’m discovering from them.

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