How to be more productive

Do you ever feel like you work constantly and never sitting down, and when the day is over, you didn’t get half the things planned done?

Today I’m gonna be looking at productivity and share some tips on how to get the most out of your time.


So I can’t stress this one enough. If you wanna get things done and be productive, you gotta have a plan. In this case you just start with making a simple to do list. If you feel the list is long or a bit overwhelming, then it can help to sort the different tasks into sections.

Very important, Important, Not important.

Dividing them into sections gives you a better understanding of what needs to be done, when. This also means that even if you don’t get through all your tasks, you managed to do the most important ones.

Use timeblocks

If you’ve never used timeblocks this is your chance to try out this awesome technique. Once you’ve made your to do list, you estimate the amount each specific task will take.

As an example

Vacuum 20 min

Write business emails 40 min

Once you’ve given all the tasks an estimated time, you can move them around into time blocks.

The goal is to make blocks with tasks that together take about 1 hour. That way you might end up with 3 timeblocks under very important, 2 blocks under important, and 1 block under not important.

A good tip is to always over estimate a little. It’s much nicer to have time left than it is to end up stressing because you’re running behind.

Take breaks

I can’t say this enough, breaks are very very important. If you try to knuckle through with no breaks, you’re either gonna fail or do half assed work. Take a short break between each time block (5 min or so) and then take a longer one around lunch time. If you’ve been sitting at your computer, do something else, so you don’t stare at the screen all day.

Do it

And lastly, just do it. If you’ve made the plan and the time blocks, then stick to it. It’ll make your life so much easier, and make you much more productive.

Love, Tea

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