Tampere Market hall

My Tampere trip – part three

My boyfriend lives and studies in Finland and I live and study in Denmark. Last we saw each other was Christmas, and when Corona came, all our plans had to be put on hold. My trip to Tampere was our first time together in 7½ month.

Hidden in the middle of Tampere, behind an entrance that doesn’t reveal much, is the most inviting market hall. The hall opened in 1901 and is today a thriving market hall where you can get everything you need for a good meal (even flowers for the table)

The hall itself is divided up into small stalls, and kept in blueish colors, to give a nice inviting feel to the whole area. Especially the bakeries fill the place with the smell of freshly baked bread, and I’m warning you not to go when hungry (or do because there’s some amazing food places too). We saw so many delicious cakes, and pastries and I honestly wanted to try them all.

The hall is a mix of little shops and places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry or a more substantial lunch. I think my favorite shops was the greengrocers as their display of colorful vegetables just inspired me so much and I just wanted to go home and start cooking. You’ll also find local butchers at the hall, and most of what they sell is local.

After walking the halls for a long time, looking at all the things on offer, we decided to get some lunch at a little burger place tugged away at the end of one of the halls, called Ohana burgers. We got a couple of their Ohana Burgers with added bacon, and a portion of fries to share.

And oh my god it was delicious. The meat was so juicy, the bacon was perfectly fried, and the bun was just as a good burger bun should be. The fries was a bit salty, but they actually complemented the fatty burger just right. And even though the Ohana burger was the “basic” option we both ended up leaving some of our burgers behind as they where so filling.

If you’re in Tampere I really recommend visiting the market hall, and do a stop for lunch at the Ohana Burger stall.

Love, Tea

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