My Tampere trip – part five

My boyfriend lives and studies in Finland and I live and study in Denmark. Last we saw each other was Christmas, and when Corona came, all our plans had to be put on hold. My trip to Tampere was our first time together in 7½ month.

Saturday night we wanted to do something super special since it was our last evening together. As we had been out all day and had a big lunch, we didn’t want to go out too early, so we looked at restaurants that offered late serice and found Periscope. Neither of us knew about it, and we weren’t sure what we where getting ourselves into as it stood as located in a shopping mall. But the pics looked cool, their menu sounded delicious and people seemed to write good reviews.

We had booked a table at 9 pm and got there almost on the dot. As the restaurant is also a very popular bar at night, there was already a lot of happy people filling up the second floor where the bar is located. We had asked for a window table in our reservation and they had found a little corner one for us, with a good view of the town and water.

We quickly scanned the menu, that provided a mix of option. You could either chose a mix of their small dishes, one of their specials or one of their set menus. We chose one of their set menus (the whole table have to order the same menu as everything is served as a shared meal) and was in for a real treat.

The menu consisted of 6 courses, where 4 of them was vegetarian and two of them with fish/shrimp, something that had my boyfriend a bit worried as he likes his meat. He hadn’t needed worry though as everything was so delicious. Only bad thing about the whole meal, was that there was a blue light just behind our table that made every food picture I took look horrible, hence the black and white photos to come.

It was well balanced and every dish was an explosion of flavour in my mouth. Especially the whitefish with false morels, cauliflower pure, and beurre blanc (And just in case you’re as clueless as I was, it’s just a fancy way of saying butter sauce. It’s made by making a reduction of vinegar and/or white wine and grey shallots, and then adding butter. It reminds me a bit of hollandaise sauce, except a million times better) was absolutely amazing and if we hadn’t been sitting at a fancy restaurant we would have licked the plate.

Just to show how bad photo light there was here’s a picture of me
hiding from my boyfriend trying to a picture of me 😛

After the dinner was over, we went out to their rooftop terrace bar. It was still drizzling outside, so we just took a quick walk around the place and took in the view, and agreed to come back a day when the sun was out, because the space was amazing, and the view even more so.

Definitely a place we will be back to eat or even just grab a drink, and well worth the price of the food (which given that it was a 6 course meal + drinks wasn’t bad at all).

Their website – Periscope

Love, Tea

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