Birthday in quarantine

September 10th I turned 35. I’m now halfway to 70, and closer to 40 than 30 😛

In all reality it’s not bad at all. I don’t mind getting older, though I do keep telling my kids to stop getting older all the time. I’m so not ready for them to grow up.

I didn’t celebrate much this year, as we were stuck in quarantine because I woke up with a sore throat Tuesday morning.

Flowers from the boyfriend

The plan had been to go to work, then meet the kids in town, and go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. But all that had to be cancelled. Instead I went to the testing center on the morning of my birthday and got my test done, and then straight home again. Funny enough my birthday plans don’t normally include getting a giant ass q-tip showed down my throat 😛

I got home again and spend a few hours reading a book while the kids was playing around. Then it knocked on the door and it was one of my mom’s friends who live not for from me. My mom had asked her to deliver some flowers and the gift from my parents, as my parents live 3 hours away.

Flowers from my parents

A bit later it knocked on the door again and it was the postman with a packet for me. The kids had ordered my gift online as they couldn’t go out because of the quarantine. And OMG I love it. I’ve got a little collection of the figures they’ve bought me, and they look so cute on my bookcase.

As we had been stuck inside since Tuesday morning, I hadn’t had time to do any of my birthday shopping either, but luckily my ex was nice and picked up some groceries I’d ordered for pickup at a local store. So even though we were stuck at home I managed to make some nice food, and we got cake and ice cream, and candy.

Present from the kids. The little wood sculpture is a bird (just hard to see in the picture hehe)

The kids set a cute birthday table, and after dinner we watched a movie together. Then my boyfriend called and we talked for almost 3 hours. His call kind of saved the day, because it wasn’t exactly the kind of birthday I wanted, so I was feeling a bit down. I mean, I couldn’t even hug my kids, as we were trying to keep our distance as much as possible.

Friday morning, the day after my birthday, I got the results from my test, and it’s just a normal throat infection. And the flowers from my boyfriend arrived. The delivery company for some reason delivered a day too later compared to the order details 0_o

All in all it was far from the birthday I wanted, but it was a nice quiet day, with the kids on their best behavior, and it was nice getting to spend hours just reading and relaxing 🙂

Love Tea

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