Kindness every day

Let’s talk kindness.

Kindness is something that cost people so little, and still it’s something we constantly need to remind people about or see them disregard. Kindness is sometimes seen as a weakness or as a sign of being soft, but I say fuck that. Kindness is important. Kindness makes life better for everyone.

So today I want to talk about kindness and 10 little things you can do to be kind every day.

Kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

That’s it. That’s all kindness is. Being friendly, generous and considerate. And we can all do these things, and through kindness make the lives of others, ourselves, and the world in general a better place, and I’m for one is all about that 🙂 And despite what many people will have you believe, kindness is not expensive. All it require is a bit of effort and time, depending on what you chose to do.

So here’s 10 different acts of kindness, that can help make life a little better.

Smile at people, even if they don’t smile back.
Hold the door for someone
Call someone you haven’t talked to for a long time
Write a letter to an older relative you haven’t seen for a long time (Include pictures if you have any)
Sign up to be a penpal for old people in care homes
Leave kind messages on social media
Help a stranger at the store
Leave little positive sticky notes around public places (bathroom mirrors, on the table at a restaurant and so on)
Let someone get in front of you in line when you aren’t busy

Bringing just a bit of kindness with you everywhere you go will make you and people around you feel better.

With lots of love and kindness,


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