To blogmas, or not to blogmas?

Last year I did blogmas and it was super fun to post every single day. It truly taught me that it is possible to do, with the help of some planning and hard work, and I was super proud of making it all the way.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

But, this year I’ve decided not to do it. The last year I cut down on my weekly posts because posting 3-4 times a week was just too hard to keep up with, along with kids and work.

And then I started full time school, moved, worked and was a mom and the blog completely was pushed in the background. The last month I’ve been wondering if I should just say goodbye to it. It felt super overwhelming trying to fit in daily pinteresting, twitter threads, Instagram and writing blog posts and maintain everything.

October ended up only getting 1 single blogpost – Let’s talk Kindness

But, I decided that I wasn’t ready to give up on my blog and that I actually miss it. Blogging is a little free breathing space for me. But I am gonna have to scale it down and that means that doing a crazy month of daily blogging just isn’t gonna happen.

That said, I think if nothing else doing blogmas is a great idea for everyone who wanna try a fun little game in December and who want to see a boost in visits and views.

Here is a few pros and cons:


Spreads Christmas cheer
Shows you just what you can accomplish
Teaches planning
Let you join a cool community
Can boost visits


Time consuming
Hard to promote every post
Risk of not making it to the end

But even with the cons I say try it at least once. The trick is to plan, work ahead so you don’t get caught by surprise, and keep it sweet.

Also, there’s some really cool bloggers out there who do blogmas every year and they have all kind of cool guides on how to do it.

Love you all

11 thoughts on “To blogmas, or not to blogmas?

  1. My engagement would probably stay the same or slightly if I did blogmas so I’m opting out. I’m lazy and can’t commit to posting daily or multiple times a week. I applaud you all who survive these things and still have a desire to blog after it’s all over!

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  2. Like you I can’t commit to that many posts. Right now I’m not really committing to any. I’ve also dumped the idea of promoting my blog and any social media attached to it. I enjoy writing it when I have some time and that’s about as much as I can manage right now. There’s no shame in that.
    When you do get round to writing a post I enjoy reading it but don’t put pressure on yourself. 😊

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