November activities

It’s November, the temperature is dropping, the sky is grey and there can go days between seeing the sun while the rain and mist keeps everything wet.

Even an autumn lover like me can have days where it’s hard to find the enthusiasm. Today I saw the sun for the first time in a week, and it’s just been so foggy that my hair has been a soggy mess every time I stepped outside for three seconds.

So, let’s talk about indoor things to do in this cold wet season.


Let’s be honest. Christmas is like only half a month away, so this is the perfect time to get an early start on all that Christmas baking. There’s so many recipes perfect for the freezer, and who doesn’t love to be able to pull some delicious home baked goods from the freezer when guests come over.

Looking for some baking inspirations? I got a few favorites here: Danish Christmas cookies

Make apple lights for the table

I don’t know about you but for me autumn is equal apples. The scent, the taste and the look. I like to use apples for decor at this time of the year. It’s the perfect way to start decorating without making it super christmassy. One of the fun little things I do with the kids is making apple lights. All you need is a few big apples, some lemon juice and a few tea lights. Hollow out the apples from the top, apply lemon juice to keep them from going all brown, and put the candles inside. Light the candles and use as table decor when having guests. Fair warning though is that the apples normally only keep a few hours, but if you have a garden, the birds love the soft hollowed out apples as a treat.

Collect leaves and dry for decorations

If you’re lucky and the sun does peep out between the skies, go outside and collect some pretty big leaves. Dry them with a kitchen towel and let them dry near a heat source for some hours. Then they are ready to be used as decor.

Start your Christmas shopping

Okay so this isn’t really an indoor activity (unless you do all your shopping online) but now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and lessen some of the Christmas stress.

Make a December schedule

If you are anyting like me your december is always filled with way to many things, so another way of using these wet cold days is to start some planning. Figure out what you have the time for, what is high priority and what might not happen no matter what, and then make a plan. That way december will probably run a lot more smoothly.

Have a great November 🙂
Love, Tea

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