Movie Review – Jingle Jangle

Tonight me and the kids watched the new Netflix Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle, and we loved it. It is far from a “normal” christmas movie. No Santa, or save Christmas mission. Just a story about love and magic.

It is also the first Christmas movie I have ever watched where the whole main cast was people of color, and it was very refreshing to see something not blond and blue eyed.

This movie is fantastic – my daughter

The movie itself is a musical and the music, while not classic Christmas like, was very catchy and my daughter especially loved them. The costumes are amazing and my daughter have decided that she definitely needs one of those big dresses so I guess I need to start creating hehe.

The Plot:

The greatest inventor in the world creates the most fantastical toys to ever be seen, but the night he makes his greatest invention work, all his inventions are stolen from him. As a result he looses the creative magic that’s been driving him, and his world falls apart. Years later he’s a sad old man. His daughter is gone, and he’s struggling to survive and on the edge of loosing the last thing he has left of his past, his shop. But when his granddaughter arrives unexpectedly, he begins to see the light again, and realize that maybe his magic isn’t completely gone.

If you’re looking for a loving, heartwarming movie to watch this Christmas, I definitely recommend this one. My kids are 11 and 14 and they both really liked it, but the smallest in the family, if you have them, might do best being asleep as it’s watched. It isn’t scary at all, but it is probably a bit over their level.

Merry Christmas and happy watching

Love, Tea

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