Halfway there

The first 12 days of December is done and that means we are halfway to Christmas eve. It also means that there’s exactly 9 days until I see my boyfriend again ❤ And it means we are getting close to being done with 2020. Anyone else thinking this year has been both crazy, but also flown by so fast?

But wow, what 12 days it’s been.

Picking up the Christmas tree – and there was free hot cocoa for the kiddos.

So, I started decorating the day before the first advent and nothing brings the Christmas spirit as seeing all my decorations up. You can see all my decorations in this happy little post here – My Christmas decorations

And, then I broke a wisdom tooth. I knew it was trouble and needed to go, but I had been hoping it could at least wait until after Christmas, but nope, it wasn’t to be. A quick visit to the dentist, and I got the news that not only one, but two Wisdom teeth had to go. Of course, with corona and Christmas they were fully booked, so I got a time for the 15th. They are hoping one of them will be a quick pull, but the other seems to be trouble, so they are expecting having to operate it out (cry face) So, right now I’m on pain pills and some infection fighting pills the dentist gave me.

Putting the star on the tree

And then I of course had two exams this week, and since it was my first online exams ever and my first exams in a long long time, I was super nervous, but I aced them both and I’m very proud of myself. This means that school is done for this year. Which is awesome.

Yesterday we put the tree up in the living room, and it just makes me smile every time I see it.

Next week it’s work Monday, the dentist Tuesday, and then I expect a few days at least with pain pills and Netflix. Oh, and talking about Netflix, check out my review of Jingle Jangle.

The tree with all the presents below

How has your December been so far?

Merry Christmas

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