Christmas mood activities

Christmas is getting so close, so I decided to share a list of activities to really get you all in the mood, and if you’re anything like me to also make the time go faster until Christmas is finally here.

Christmas movie night – Bring out the popcorn and Christmas candy, put on a Christmas classic, and spend the night soaking up the Christmas feelings.

Clean out in closets/toys/shelves – Chances are that new things will appear on Christmas, so make room for them already, and if you donate the old stuff to charity, you can even help spread some Christmas love.

Go look at the Christmas lights – I love going to watch the Christmas lights in town. Bundling up in warm clothes, and go for a night walk is perfectly Christmassy, and if you end it with a cup of hot chocolate it just turns perfect.

Bake cookies and decorate them – Nothing screams Christmas like baking cookies. If you wanna go the danish way and try your hands on some Danish butter cookies, I have a whole list of my favorites including recipes right here – Christmas cookies

Have a game night – Online or in person, a game night is always such a nice Christmas thing to do.

Make your own ugly Christmas sweater – I mean, who doesn’t love a night of gluing and sewing and then getting to show off the years most ugly Christmas sweater?

Write a letter – Write a letter for someone you love, or join one of the many places where you can write a Christmas letter to someone sitting alone on Christmas.

Be creative – get out the paper, the scissors and glue, and get creative. The internet is full of good ideas and inspiration for Christmas paper crafts, or you can let yourself be inspired by old memories and just do your best.

I hope some of these inspire you.

Merry Christmas

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