Sneaky Christmas exercises

Corona have been hounding us for a long time by now, and a lot of us is hit by new restrictions impacting both Christmas and new years and our day to day life. And let’s be honest, Christmas is all about the sweets, and since a lot of us have been mostly confined to stay home, it’s easy to let Netflix and Christmas goodies take over our lives.

So, today I’m gonna give a few tips on how to sneak in some activities between movies, snacking and zoom calling family.

Kitchen squats – so the first advice I wanna give is kitchen squats. Every time you go to the kitchen you do 5 squats. Not only is it a great way to get some butt exercises sneaked into your day, the soreness of your butt will also tall you if you overdo it on the snack trips.

Boiling kettle dips – Every time you use the microwave/kettle/coffee maker you do 10 arm dips leaning on the table. It’s like a push up, except you are holding your hands against the kitchen table and doing them like that. If you drink half the cups of tea I do, you’ll end up doing a lot of these in a day.

Next episode crunches – Binge watching your favorite series again? Do 15 crunches between episodes right there on the couch.

Night night walk – this is probably my favorite. Going for a long walk before bedtime. I usually go for somewhere between 45 – 60 min. I either listen to Christmas music or talk to the boyfriend on the phone (he’ll go for a walk too). I’ll watch the Christmas lights and just enjoy getting some fresh air.

Have a merry Christmas

Love, Tea

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