Reverse Bucket list 2020

As the end of 2020 gets near a lot of people are looking back at a year with cancelled plans and a lot of restrictions. It can be really depressing to think of all the things we didn’t get to do this year, so I thought I wanted to look back at some of the things I did manage to do.

I lost 11 kg. Okay, so I had hoped for more, but damn am I proud of those 11 kg. Still got 11 kg to go (and lets be honest, when January arrives and Christmas and New year is over, I’m sure it’ll be more like 9 kg lost and 13 kg to go) but I’m determined to get rid of those in 2021.

I got a new apartment. One of my goals for 2020 was to get a new apartment, and I got it. The first of July me and the kids (with the helps of awesome family and friends) moved into our new apartment. It’s awesome, and we are so happy to live here. We are basically right between the forest, the town center, and the beach, all within a 15 min walk or so.

I started the first part of becoming a marketing management – Yes, in 2020 I, a 35 year old mom, went back to school and it is awesome. I just finished the first 20 week course, and in January I’m starting up the next part which will take a year. And I’m so happy to be back at studying, and knowing I’ll (hopefully) end up with an education that will help me reach even more of my dreams.

I took the kids to a day trip to the zoo. I’ve wanted to take the kids for a trip to the zoo, just the three of us, and this year I finally managed to get it all working. It was a wonderful day with to super happy kids, and we are definitely doing it again next year.

I had a wonderful trip to Finland. In august I travelled to Finland where me and the boyfriend managed some real girlfriend/boyfriend time, with walks and restaurant visits and going out for drinks and so much lovely time together. It was the perfect week and we really needed it after corona keeping us apart for 7 months.

Celebrating my daughter. In October we finally managed to have the party for my daughter that should have been celebrated in may. It was a great party and my daughter very much enjoyed having her whole family and friends gathered, and had a great day.

We got fish. So this might not seem like the biggest thing in the world, but I’ve wanted to get fish in about forever, and this year we finally got them. True, we did hit a start up disaster, when every single one of the 19 fish got infected with some kind of fungus and didn’t respond to medication at all. Only four fish made it through, and we were absolutely heartbroken that the medication didn’t work, but we have 4 pretty, strong and amazing fish left, and after Christmas we’ll get some more fish home again.

So yes, 2020 did bring a lot of bad with it, but looking back at it, it also brought a lot of good with it. For me it’s meant using the nature more, spending more time as a family, cutting down on screen time and up for creative time, and appreciating family more than ever.

What good things have 2020 brought you?

Love Tea

5 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket list 2020

  1. This is absolutely wonderful!! Congratulations on all the amazing things you’ve been able to achieve in 2020. Getting a new apartment is such an amazing accomplishment and all these things make me feel that 2020 was not all lost. I’ve also started a weight loss journey and whilst it isn’t as huge as yours, I’m so happy that I’ve started.

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    1. The zoo trip was so lucky, and the kids loved it. It was the only vacation like thing they got to do in 2020 (other than some visits at their grandparents) so it was really nice to spend a day playing tourists.


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