7 ways to make 2021 a positive year

2020 is over and so is the holidays. And while 2021 have started with lockdowns and more restrictions for a lot of us, and a normal life can seem far away right now, I always believe it’s important to start the new year with some positivity.
So today I want to talk about 7 things to focus on in the new year.

Get moving
I’ve said it before, and I’ll end up sounding like a broken record. But moving your body is such an important thing for your well-being. It doesn’t matter if you go for a run, a walk, or do some working out at home, though I always say that going outside in the fresh air is a healthy habit to do every day.

You can read more about moving here: Let’s talk walking + Sneaky Christmas exercises

Eat healthy
I’m not saying go on a diet (unless that’s your plan of course) but the holidays are always filled with so much food, candy and sweets, that your body will love you for focusing on eating a bit more healthy. So eat less sugar, and more green stuff and feel the love spread in your body.

You can read more about healthy eating here: The do’s of weightloss

Set goals
If you haven’t already done it, set some goals for 2021. It can be weekly, monthly, or yearly goals, or any other type that fit you. The only important thing is to make them realistic. Realistic goals can help us keep moving and get better, while unrealistic goals have a tendency to make us feel like we can’t do anything.

Drop a bad habit
We all have them. Those bad habits that keep sneaking their way into our days and fucking with us. It can be everything from biting your nails to always pushing a task to the last minute. If it annoys you it’s probably a bad habit. Now, trying to drop all your bad habits in one go is just a massive failure waiting to habit, but tackling one bad habit at a time is dorable with a bit of motivation.

Read more about motivation here: Motivation

Set a goal for your finances
If 2020 have taught us anything it’s that life is freaking unpredictable. So make 2021 the year you make a financial plan and stick to it. Maybe you wanna start saving up some money, or just want to know exactly where they are all going. What ever your goal, this is the year you can make it.

Get more nature friendly
Now, I am far from an eco warrior. I like my steaks, I don’t always buy the most eco friendly, and with two kids in the house, the amounts of plastic going through my door can be staggering (I still don’t understand why they have to wrap each cucumber in plastic???). But, there are so many things you can do to make your life more eco friendly. Small things, like having a meat free dinner once a week, or making sure all your garbage it sorted so as much as possible is recycled, all helps. A few quick tips could be: reusable shopping bags, use what’s in the fridge, don’t buy water, buy secondhand.

Meal plan
I love meal planning and it helps make life so much easier. It also helps cut down on spoiled food, wasted money and helps me eat more healthy because I’m less likely to fall for the easy option of take out of pasta with cheese.

Read more about meal planning here: Meal Planning

I hope you all have a wonderful 2021.

Love, Tea

6 thoughts on “7 ways to make 2021 a positive year

  1. What’s nice about these tips is that if you implement 1 or 2 of them, you’ll probably end up implementing the other ones as well. If you cut out a bad habit (for example, cutting out junk food), you’ll naturally gravitate towards cooking meals at home and eating out less, thus leading to a healthier physique and lifestyle.

    One of side effect of cutting out non-essential purchases this month was cooking more meals at home (and eating healthier by default), using up the food that we have, saving money etc. Now I’m on the verge of decluttering the house/cutting back on things I do not need.

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