January Blogging ideas.

Happy January.
2021 is in full swing, with vaccines, lockdowns and everything else weird the world can throw at us, because why not after the year 2020. So, with that craziness in mind it seems quite normal that some might have a hard time coming up with new posts, but don’t worry, I got you covered.

New post ideas:

Goals for 2021
Recap last years blogging ups and downs
Recap last years ups and downs
Favorite 2020 blogposts
New planner/journal
Reading list for 2021
Travel wish list for 2021 (if we ever get allowed to travel normally again this year)
Share your “in 10 years I’ll be” dreams
Favorite “go to” healthy food in January
Favorite exercise
Tell us about your holiday break
January nail colors and designs
Favorite blogging moment of 2020
Favorite social media moment of 2020
Favorite fitness apps
Favorite clean out tips
How to better budget in 2021
Biggest lesson I learned in 2020
Best self care tips to start the new year
Biggest dream for 2021
Favorite 2020 songs
Favorite 2020 books
Favorite 2020 movies
Favorite January go-to outfit
Show your Christmas presents
Vision board for 2021
5 favorite creative pastimes
Your monthly checklist
Meal planning
No cost date ideas
Best place to eat in your town
Apps you love
What’s on your playlist
Best tips to relax after a stressful day
Decluttering tips
Top bloggers you look up to
Favorite photos of the year
10 things you’ll miss from 2020 (yes, you’re allowed to miss things from that weird year)
Reverse bucket list 2020
10 things that makes you feel better on a bad day

I hope this inspire you to get writing.

Love, Tea

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