10 ways to boost your confidence

We can all have it. Days were our confidence are super low. We feel bad, feel like we can’t do anything right and every time we look in the mirror we hate what we see. And especially now were corona is still raging and most things are shut down and we are mostly trapped at home it can be so easy to fall into this dark hole.

So today I’m gonna share a few ways to help boost your confidence, and maybe getting back to being your strong confident you.

1 – Write all the things you love about yourself down. Read it daily and add to it as you discover a new amazing thing about yourself.

2 – Do a selfcare day and dress up even if you have nowhere to go. In this case, fake it till you make it really can make you feel better.

3 – Compliment yourself in the mirror every morning. Not just your looks, but also about things you’ve accomplished.

4 – Make or find a confidence playlist and listen to it while doing things around the house, or do an impromptu dance party.

5 – Move your body and get a sweat on. It’ll help stimulate all parts of you and will make you feel better.

6 – Make a to-do list of things you’ve been putting off doing and do at least one thing from it every day.

7 – Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all different and comparing yourself to people on social media or on TV will do you no good.

8 – Set goals and work to achieve them. Start small with a simple weekly goal, and work from there. Every time you achieve a goal you will feel a lot better.

9 – Use positive language, not just about yourself but in your everyday life. Negativity have the tendency to breed, but so does positivity so keep it positive as much as possible.

10 – Say thank you when given a compliment instead of trying to talk it down or give “excuses” for why you don’t deserve it.

I hope these help you 🙂

Love, Tea

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