8 types of selfcare

Self care is something we hear all the time. It pops up on our feeds, Pinterest got thousands of ideas to good self care activities, and it’s truly a thing more and more people are starting to realize is important to keep happy and healthy.

But, what is self care really? Is it just sitting on the couch with a face mask and 2 candles? Well yes, that’s part of selfcare, but today I wanted to talk about the different types of selfcare, because they are all important to keep you happy and healthy.

Physical Selfcare

Physical selfcare is all the things we do to keep our body healthy and happy. This includes sleeping enough, resting, stretching, being active, and eating healthy foods.

Personal selfcare

Personal selfcare is all about taking care of you as a person. This includes having hobbies, knowing yourself, respecting your own boundaries, and growing as a person.

Emotional selfcare

Emotional selfcare is about taking care of the inner you. This includes self compassion, self reflection and taking responsibility for your actions. It’s also here you find stress management, kindness to others and forgiveness.

Social selfcare

Social selfcare is about nurturing the connection to the people in your life, or making new connections. This can be everything from a phone call, to going out to brunch, or talking with a new person. Social selfcare can also include social media and the connections you make there, just be careful it doesn’t end up a bad scrolling habit instead of being actual selfcare.

Spacial selfcare

This one is a bit special, but having a place we can relax and unwind is so important, and therefore taking good care of your home is a form of selfcare too.

Financial selfcare

Not many will consider doing a budget for selfcare. But being financially on top of things, knowing what money you have and how they are going to be spend is a very good form for selfcare. Nothing can stress people out like financial insecurity, so making a plan can make your life a lot easier.

Spiritual selfcare

Spiritual selfcare is a bit like emotional selfcare. Here we find nature walks, meditation, journaling and time alone. If you are religious, taking time out to be in your faith can be a good form for selfcare too, if you find strength or calm in it.

Work selfcare

Work selfcare might be an oxymoron for a lot of people, but I’m including it here because we do spend 1/3 of hour day at work. Selfcare at work includes good time management to avoid stress, taking breaks, clear boundaries between free/work time, and positivity in the workspace.

As you can see there is no kind of selfcare that can stand alone, and it’s important to remember to mix them up and make sure to take care of all parts of YOU. Luckily most things we do when we do selfcare covers a few of them. When you put on a face mask, light a few candles, and drink a cup of chamomile tea, you’re covering the personal, the emotional and the spacial selfcare.

I hope this list will help you a bit, and make you think about how you can cover all parts of you when you do selfcare.

Love Tea

4 thoughts on “8 types of selfcare

  1. I’m glad that you’ve raised the idea of work selfcare, I know that some people are struggling to log off at the end of the day or take their full lunch breaks but it’s so important to set those boundaries! Thanks for sharing

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