Sunday habits for a good week

Nothing can ruin a week as much as Monday blues, Tuesday panics and Wednesday weeping. But with a few Sunday habits you can make the coming week run more smooth and less stressful.

Nick Morrison from Unsplash

Set your weekly goals:

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve during the coming week is the perfect way to keep on track and not start the week with monday panic. It doesn’t have to be big goals, but having a few thngs you want to get done during the week can help you keep on track.

Do your weekly meal plan:

I can’t stress enough how much meal planning can help you. In fact I wrote a whole post about it that you can read here – meal planning. Meal planning helps reduce the stress of not knowing what to make, and it can help you save a lot of money.

Plan your shopping:

Once you made the meal plan, you can make a full shopping list for the whole week. Remember to check what you got in the freezer and cupboards that you can use. A good trick is to write down the things you need to buy halfway through the week (like milk)

Clean the fridge:

Before doing any shopping I always clean my fridge. Since I only do big shopping once a week, it’s easy to clean the fridge before filling it up again.

Do the shopping for the week:

This is an obvious one. Once you’ve cleaned the fridge and done the planning it’s time to get the shopping done. Try to avoid doing it midday to late afternoon as these are often super busy times.

Do your laundry:

Nothing is as nice as starting the week with all laundry baskets empty. It also makes it less stressful when you know you got clean clothes in the closet.

Write down the plans for the week:

Knowing what the plans are for the week makes everything easier to manage. Put everything on paper so you know when you are busy and when you have time for other things.

Do an self care activity:

Every Sunday evening you should take the time for a self care activity. Take the time to relax and reflect before starting the new week. This is the perfect time to fill out your journal (if you keep one) or do a weekly reflection on how the week went.

Do you have any Sunday habits? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

17 thoughts on “Sunday habits for a good week

  1. Wait… some people have empty laundry baskets??? It’s not just a never-ending black hole full of dirty clothes?

    Sundays for us are a day of rest, relaxation and togetherness but we do a lot of the things you’ve mentioned here on Saturdays instead so we can have a rest day before the week starts again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it feels like laundry is never ending. If you get all clothes done there’s towels and kitchen stuff, then bedding and suddenly all the baskets are filled with clothes again. Never ending 😂


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