10 corona friendly valentines dates

Valentines day is getting close, and For many people this years celebration will be held in some form of lock-down or quarantine. So I wanted to focus of things still possible to do even if most things are closed down, because we should all take time to celebrate love even if the world is crazy.

Photo by Evie S on Unsplash

Make a movie night with popcorn and soda. Bonus points if you build a blanket fort with fairy lights and tons of pillows.

Go for a nature walk and take cute couple pics. If itโ€™s cold outside a thermos of hot cocoa will make it extra special.

Order take out and have a romantic stay at home dinner. Make sure to use loads of candles and have a delicious (chocolate) dessert.

Make a couples bucket list to complete within the next year (or lifetime).

Watch a play, ballet or opera free online while having a living room picnic. Right now you can find these things for free online, especially on youtube.

Go window shopping together and dream of the future. Drink hot cocoa when you get home again.

Take a virtual art museum tour and talk about what kind of art you dream about.

Dress up and take an online dance class (If you canโ€™t find one thereโ€™s a million tutorials on youtube)

Go to the beach and try to find heart shaped stones.

Spend a day making puzzles, drinking cocktails and listen to your favorite music.

Have a lovely valentines day.

Love, Tea

22 thoughts on “10 corona friendly valentines dates

    1. One of the best dates me and the boyfriend went on was just that. We went to get some KFC (It was January 1st, we needed it hehe) then walked around for hours in the darkness and cold and just looked at shop windows and talked about the future. It was magical


  1. Lovely post! The idea I liked the most is โ€œDress up and take an online dance classโ€, I think itโ€™s so cute! ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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