6 reasons to celebrate valentine’s day

February is in full force, Valentine’s day is getting closer, and once again I see a lot of people raging against Valentine’s day and the people looking forward to celebrating it. I’ve even talked with people that celebrate Valentine’s day but doesn’t dare say it out loud because they feel a bit ashamed about it, as if it’s a bad thing.

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So today I want to share 6 reasons why you should celebrate Valentine’s day.

Love is always okay to celebrate

Valentine’s day is a day about love. Classically it’s the love for a partner, but it’s also the perfect day to show love to everyone else that’s special in your life. And in a world where war, death and cruelty happens every single day, I think celebrating love is more important than ever.

Valentine’s day is a good way to break out of the January stress

Christmas is done, and January with all it’s resolutions and goals have been running 120 mph. You’ve been getting back to everyday life, might have kids that’s suddenly being home schooled because of corona, and Love have been far from on your mind. But celebrating a day that’s solely there to remind you of your love for each other, can be the perfect way to get LOVE into the game again.

All holidays are commercialized.

The biggest reason I hear against Valentine’s day is that it’s just made up to sell chocolate and flowers. Well, let’s be honest, that’s every single holiday out there. None of them started out like they are today, and every single one of them have been commercialized. So don’t let that stop you from celebrating Valentine’s day.

Show yourself some love

Valentine’s day is all about love, including self love. So take this day and show yourself some love and care. It can be everything from a hot shower to eating a whole box of chocolates without feeling bad, or anything else you want to do to show yourself some love.

Perfect excuse to dress up

Whenwas the last time you dressed up on a boring old Sunday? Or had an excuse to wear a big pink dress? Well, Valentine’s day is all the excuse you need to put on your favorite outfit and feel fabulous.

Because you love someone

Really, that is what this is all about. The only real reason to celebrate Valentine’s day is because you love someone and want to show in an extra special way.

Love, Tea

31 thoughts on “6 reasons to celebrate valentine’s day

    1. That’s nice 🙂 Me and the boyfriend don’t normally give each other gift, but we do try and spend time together and be a bit extra romantic. I think it’s nice to have a whole day that’s reserved just for each other


  1. Love this, especially about how Valentine’s is about celebrating someone you love and that’s always worth celebrating!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  2. This is a great post. I especially agree with your point about all holidays being commercialized – just because it’s there to make money, doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it!


    1. Yes and I think people often forget that commercialized or not, we decide how to celebrate it. If you think a holiday has gotten too commercialized then just don’t buy into the money version and do your own thing 😊


  3. “Love is always okay to celebrate.” I adore that sentiment, it is so true. We get so caught up in whether we are suppose to celebrate something or not or whether it is too commercialized and we completely miss the point…LOVE. Love for ourselves or love for others, it all deserves to be celebrated. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

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  4. I love this! I know there’s lots of reasons not to with it just being another day at home for many people but any excuse to celebrate is a good thing right now, even if you’re simply celebrating yourself x

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