Lovely ways to show kindness

February is the month of love and kindness and I don’t just mean Valentine’s Day. So today I’m gonna share ways you can show love and kindness to those around you.

By Debby Hudson on unsplash


Write a letter to those you care about. Getting a handwritten letter is such a lovely thing, and it’s an easy way to show some kindness to those you care about.

Bake cookies

Baking for your neighbours, friends or family is always a kind thing to do. Bake a big batch and pack them nicely into small portions. Put a kind note with each portion and deliver them to those you care about.

Buy chocolate hearts for your best friends

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And during these corona times it’s luckily easy to get them delivered if you shop online.

By Dee Copper and Wild on Unsplash

Jar of encouragement

Write encouraging notes and fill a jar with them. Decorate the jar and give it to someone you care about. Every time they have a bad day they can pull out a note and know you love them.

Helping hand gift card

Have a friend who sucks at asking for help? Make a helping hand gift card for them, where you give a them a day of help to whatever they need.

Make a love filled playlist and share it with the world

As it says, sit down and make a playlist with lovefilled uplifting music and share it with friends, family and the rest of the world.

Have (online) coffee with friends

Spending time with those we care about is balm for the soul, so meet some loved ones and share the spirit of kindness.

By Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Leave a nice note for the postman

Postmen (and women) work hard and especially during corona have their workburden gone up a lot. So take the time to leave a nice note for the postman, thanking him for his hard work. I bet that will make him smile.

Make a list of compliments – use them

Giving compliments can be super hard, and even more so is accepting them. So sit down and think of a long list of compliments, and then go out and use them this month.

Buy flowers for someone you care about

Everyone loves flowers. In fact, flowers are a super way to help someone cheer up and feel good. So buy some flowers to those special ones in your life.

Read about what flowers can do for you – 4 good reasons to buy yourself flowers

Love, Tea

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