How to show love to bloggers

February is the month of kindness and love, and there are many ways you can show that to those around you. Last time I talked about how to show kindness to those around you, but today I want to share a few ways to show love and kindness to bloggers and the other lovely people on social media.

Visits blogs

The first one might seem obvious, but I’m gonna mention it anyway. Visiting blogs you like is an easy and nice way to show some kindness. Make sure you click on links and visit a few pages.

Like posts

Blog or social media doesn’t matter that much, but liking our posts makes us feel nice. And it’s a very easy way for you to show some love and kindness.

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Share content

Read a tweet you like or a blog posts that felt true? Then show some love and kindness by sharing them. Put them on twitter, facebook or what ever social media you prefer, and spread some love this February.


It takes a bit more time, but commenting is such a nice gesture. We love comments and it makes us feel appreciated.

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Send a DM/email telling how much you love the content. Knowing that people appreciate the hard work that goes into creating content and running a blog/social media is one of the best thing that can happen.

Have a great February.

Love, Tea

10 thoughts on “How to show love to bloggers

  1. Oooh! I love all of these points!! So many ways someone can show some love to blogs. Even telling someone that they enjoyed the post, or even liking them! Retweeting them also goes a long way as well 🙂

    Nancy ✨


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