5 ways to make life more simple

Today I’m gonna share five ways to make your life a bit more simple. They aren’t the big solution to life’s problems, but they can help your days run a bit more smoothly.


So the first one is an oldie that we have all heard a million times before, but I can’t stress how much decluttering can help simplify your life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to throw out all your knick nacks and start living minimalistic. But, most of us have a bunch of stuff that we don’t really love, and don’t really need. Getting rid o it makes your life more stress free and makes it easier to find the things you need.

Tidy up

Taking a few minutes to tidy up every evening really makes a difference. You get to start the next day on a clean note and it’s easy to find the things you need.


One simple way to simplify your life is to go through your email and unsubcribe from all the news letters you’re not actually interested in any longer. It’s so easy to get on those lists, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to open your email and find a million emails from people or companies you’re not that interested in any longer. So take the time and unsubscribe.

Make simple meals

One thing I love is meal planning. It cuts down on shopping, it takes away the whole “oh no what are we gonna eat today?” problem and it saves money. But another way to simplify your life is to make your everyday meals more simple. Stick to a few stable ingredients, and make sure your meals don’t contain 50 different things. Simple doesn’t mean boring and it’s easy to use the same ingredients for wildly different meals. This also let you cut down on food waste.

Organize your closet

This is a bit like the declutter one. But take a few hours to go through your clothes. Pack away the seasonal clothes, and donate or sell the things you don’t use anymore. Simplifying your closet can cut down on clutter and make it easier to find the right outfit in the morning.

Let me know what you do to simplify your life in the comments.

Love, Tea

4 thoughts on “5 ways to make life more simple

  1. Hi Tea! I love this post because living simply is the only way to live in my book! We get so overwhelmed for reasons that don’t even need to be a part of our lives! We also tend to overcomplicate matters that should be simple. Your tips here prove the point brilliantly.

    I’m in full agreement with you about how overwhelming it can feel to open up your email and find hundreds (or more) emails that you won’t even read. It is refreshing to get that stuff gone. Plus it makes room for what *does* speak to your heart in this moment!

    Decluttering – amen sister! There is proven science that a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Decluttering can also mean relationships that no longer serve a good purpose in our lives. We spend a lot of energy on the wrong people. That’s energy that could be spent with the right person!

    Meal planning is perfect as well. To be honest, I need to get better at this one. It does save money and stress. I’ve just got to sit down and get serious about it. Any thoughts on the best way to do it?

    Sending love & blessings to you. Love your blog and your heart. God bless! ♥

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