New on the blog – a serial novella

So, everyone who’s been here before, knows I love to write. And I always have a million projects going. (If you wanna read more about some of my projects, you can find some info here)

One of my projects have been a MMF Action Romance, that I’ve finally finished. And instead of publishing is as an ebook, I decided to share it with all of you, free right here on the website.

I’m posting it in parts, and there will be 29 parts on total. As of right now, I’ve posted the first three parts. And the plan is to post a new part a few times a week. This means that in the next 13 weeks you’ll be able to follow and read the whole thing 🙂

But, enough technical talk, lets look at the actual story. (And if you just wanna skip to the good part, you can start part one right HERE)

Being part of the Sons of War is everything a man could wish for. Plenty of beer, easy women, and freedom to live on your own terms. The law is for everyone else, and the Sons earn their money on guns, drugs, and everything else that might tempt those who trade on the black markets.

Phantom and Wolf couldn’t ask more from life. With Phantom the president and Wolf the vice president of the Reacon City Chapter, they have their brothers, bikes, and a place to call their own.

But everything is turned upside down when a small, blond woman walks into their life, blowing everything they believe into little bits and pieces. In their world, a woman does as told. Sits on the bitch seat and leaves a man alone to do as he pleases. But Reaper is nothing like any woman they have ever met. Dangerous, cold, and with a tongue that cuts as well as her knives, she’s bound to fuck up their way of life. And when her past and her present come calling, they all have choices to make and things to kill.

The Reaper comes Knocking is a MMF Action Romance, with bikers, hitmen, and a healthy dose of violence.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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