Part 1


The loud growl of a bike broke through the morning quiet, and Phantom looked up from his coffee. He didn’t much like being disturbed before midday, especially after a long night with the brothers, and he was ready to strangle whoever of the brothers thought it would be appropriate to disturb him. And then he noticed. It didn’t sound like a bike he knew, and not only that, but he didn’t hear the sound of the gate opening.

“Wolf?” He called and a hairy face popped through the door. Wolf had been his friend and right-hand man for almost 20 years.

“You called?”

“You know anything about anyone from another chapter arriving?”

“Nope.” Wolf’s voice was more a growl than anything else, and the reason behind his name. Wolf wasn’t called just that because of his shaggy beard and hair or because he actually had a pet wolf. No, the name came from the way his voice always sounded dangerously dark and growly. A leftover from a bar fight and a bottle to the throat. 

“Well, we better go look then.” Phantom pushed away from the table, and Wolf walked to the kitchen cabinet in the corner and opened it. He pulled two guns from the bottom shelf and tossed one to Phantom.

“Should I call the brothers?”

“Nah, let them sleep for now. I only heard one bike.” He still checked the gun and kept it in his hand, slightly hidden from sight behind his back but not tucked away. He had enough bullet scars, as it were. He really didn’t need anymore.

With Wolf at his back, they made their way to the heavy gate. The bike was parked at the edge of the road, not trespassing onto their property, which he took as a good sign. Whoever owned it at least had some brains. The bike was a monster. Black, sleek, with what looked to be a grim reaper painted on the side, and silver skulls adorned the handles. A smallish dark blond woman leaned against the bike. She was clad in leather pants that clung to her figure, a pair of biker boots with more silver buckles than could ever be necessary, and a leather jacket with what looked to be an old Rolling Stones t-shirt beneath. Phantom took it all in, while looking for the guy belonging to the bike. He was surprised the guy would let his woman lean on his bike like that. It was disrespectful, and he doubted it would be a brother from another chapter. None of the Sons of War would ever disrespect their bike like that.

When he saw no sign of another person, the small hairs on his arms rose. The guy had to be waiting somewhere, probably hoping to get a clean shot at either himself or Wolf. The woman still hadn’t said anything, but she studied them from behind her sunglasses, and Phantom could see a quiet watchfulness in her. One he recognized from himself and most of the brothers that had been in the game more than a few years. It was the way people used to sudden violence regarded the world. Not afraid, but waiting, anticipating.

“Where’s your man?” Phantom asked, and for a fleeting moment, it looked like a small smile tucked at the woman’s mouth. She didn’t answer, though.

“Answer the question,” Phantom demanded. Something was off, and he didn’t like it.

“Or what? Are you going to shoot me with that gun you’re trying to hide?” The woman asked back. This time Phantom was pretty sure there was a ghost of a smile tucking at the corner of her lips.

He more felt than saw Wolf move, and the gate began slowly opening. Wolf punched another code, and the gate stopped, only leaving a gap big enough for a person to pass.

Wolf moved forward with his gun raised, and Phantom raised his own gun sweeping the area outside the gate.

“I’m not fucking around. Now tell me who else is with you,” Wolf growled. Now that did get a reaction from the woman, though not the one Phantom would have thought. When Wolf spoke, people took a step back. When they noticed the scars behind the beard, they ran. This woman, though, did nothing like that. This time, there was no mistaking the smile.

Slowly, oh so slowly, the woman straightened and raised her hands. “Look, I’m not here to cause trouble. It’s just me, okay. Something’s wrong with my baby, and there ain’t no way in hell I’m letting the guy at the garage get his greasy hands on her. I know this isn’t exactly normal procedure, but the girl at the diner said that one of your members is a mechanic. I figured that if anyone could figure out what was wrong with my baby, it would be one of you.”

Phantom opened his mouth to say something, closed it again, opened it, and then glanced at Wolf.

“The street’s clear.” Wolf kept his distance from the woman but glanced up and met Phantom’s gaze. Wolf looked as confused as he felt. It wasn’t that he had never met a woman riding a bike before. But this was the Sons of War. Women sat in the bitch seat, served their men beer, and kept quiet. They did not ride monsters like the bike this woman was standing in front of, and they did not arrive at their club gate hoping to find a fucking mechanic.

“It sounded fine to me,” Phantom said, still not ready to trust this wasn’t some fucked up attack.

“Clearly, you aren’t the mechanic then,” the woman said. A delicate eyebrow rose above the edge of her sunglasses. No, he wasn’t. Wolf was. Which meant that to call her bluff, all he would have to do was to have her start the bike and let Wolf hear that everything was fine. Except she could have a whole fucking army hidden in one of the old buildings down the street, and the sound of the bike would be the signal that the gate was open.

Fuck, he should have woken the brothers.

“Keep your hands where I can see them and slowly walk in here.” He had to get the situation under control. His best bet was to get the woman inside the gate and then have her detained until he figured out exactly who she was. She didn’t look like the women who usually hung around the brothers, and she definitely didn’t look like a cop, but looks could be changed.

“I’m not leaving my baby outside alone,” the woman growled. Phantom was getting ready to end this shit, but he wasn’t willing to shoot a stranger outside the compound with the sun shining and people around. Someone was bound to call the cops, even in this part of town, and that would just give the cops another reason to hassle them. And he did not fancy a cop raid right now. They had too much stashed away in the house for that to happen.

Phantom punched in another code, and the gate slowly opened.

“Wolf, get the bike. You, get in here.” He kept the gun on the woman as she slowly walked inside the gate. She seemed oddly calm, with two big guys aiming guns at her. Too calm. He had a feeling it would be a fucking long day, and it was not even ten.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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