Part 7

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“So, you’re saying that the bitch that slammed a mug into Wolf’s head is going to stay here under our protection, and we can’t even touch her?” Bullet asked from his spot, leaning against the counter at the back of the kitchen. Phantom and Wolf had called in all the brothers, and so far, the news of Jenny Reaper didn’t exactly sit well with them.

“That’s what I’m saying, yes.”

The brothers grumbled, but in the end, they would do as told.

“So, Death’s gonna be here in a week?” Don asked with a grin. He was probably the only one that actually liked Death.

“That’s what he said.”

“And who is this Jenny to him then?” Kid asked.

“He didn’t say.” Phantom looked to Don, but the man just shrugged. Clearly, he didn’t have any idea either.

Wolf finally stirred from his seat beside Phantom, “So here’s how it will be. Phantom and I will be her guards. Bullet, you’re going to take over the run for me. I know it’s my turn to go point, but we’re not leaving her alone.”

Bullet nodded his agreement.

“That really necessary for one girl?” Priest asked while rolling another cigarette. The man never stopped smoking.

“Death told us not to turn our backs on her, and I’m not gonna sit here in a week when Death arrives and having to tell him the woman slipped through my fingers.” Phantom could see the agreement on their faces. No one wanted to disappoint Death.

 Phantom wasn’t sure if he was overreacting or not. Maybe he was overreacting. Fuck it, it was only a week. The brothers started to leave the kitchen, but Phantom and Wolf hung back.

“She’s not gonna be happy with the two of us hanging around all the time,” Wolf said.

“Too damn bad, I’m not getting Death angry because she doesn’t want company.”

“Am I the only one thinking something isn’t right here.”

“Nope,” Phantom said and ran a hand through his hair. He still hadn’t gotten his coffee.

“Well, I guess we better see what she’s up to.” Wolf walked out the kitchen door, and Phantom followed. Why couldn’t this woman have picked any other fucking club to stop at?

Wolf stopped dead in front of him, and he nearly spilled his beer down Wolf’s back when he didn’t stop in time.

“What the fuck?” Phantom gave Wolf a push, and the big man moved to the side, letting Phantom into the common room. He looked at the oversized couch, then around the room. Most of the brothers had walked in here after their meeting, and all of them were staring at the couch. Phantom couldn’t blame them. Jenny lay on the couch, sleeping curled up under a blanket, with Pup standing above her, growling.

“What the fuck, Pup, get down from there,” Wolf ordered Pup, but Pup turned and snarled at him as he walked closer. Wolf stopped in his tracks, and Phantom met his confused gaze. Wolf was the only person Pup actually liked, and she usually followed him everywhere. Phantom had never seen Pup growl at Wolf, including when Wolf had to pull a nail from her hip after she fell through some rotten timber.

“She was doing just fine until all of ya walked in here. They were both asleep on the couch,” Mouse spoke from behind the bar.

“Pup was sleeping on the couch with Jenny?”

“She prefers to be called Reaper, and yeah. Reaper fed Pup cookies, and then when the drugs knocked Reaper out, Pup just stayed with her.” Mouse scrunched up his face when he mentioned the drugs knocking out Reaper.

“Mouse, what kind of drugs did you give her?” Phantom asked their resident doctor.

“Just a couple of painkillers, mixed with a heavy dose of sleeping pills. My own blend.”

Phantom rubbed his head and looked around the room. “Okay, everyone out until we get Reaper into a bed and Pup under control.” No one argued, and a minute later, only Phantom and Wolf were in the room. Pup huffed once and jumped to the floor. Wolf called her over and punched in the code for the door. Pup looked back at the couch but did as she was told and disappeared out the door.

“Well, that was a fucking surprise,” Wolf said and laughed his deep throaty laugh.

“You could say that. Are you gonna get sleeping beauty, or should I?” Phantom asked and indicated the sleeping woman.

“I’ll get her.” Wolf carefully lifted her into his arms, the blanket still wrapped around her, and Phantom opened the door to the stairs leading to the second floor. The second floor of the clubhouse was parted into two sections. This one held Phantom’s and Wolf’s private rooms and a smaller office. The other part had ten smaller rooms that guests or brothers could use.

Phantom hurried up the stairs and didn’t even think about it before he opened the door to Wolf’s room. Wolf raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything as he walked inside and placed Reaper on the bed.

“My windows open out onto the half roof. Your windows open to a drop. Less chance of her trying to jump if she manages to get the bars off.” Phantom shrugged, and Wolf’s scars pulled as he gave a grin.

“Smart thinking.”

They pulled off their shoes and sat down on each side of the sleeping woman. Wolf grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, keeping it low, and flicked through the channels till he found a movie that looked interesting.

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