Part 9

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Reaper tried hard not to bounce her leg in annoyance, but she found it harder and harder to keep her anger back. Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours of having two bodyguards that watched her constantly. Hell, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom without having one of them standing just outside the door to make sure she didn’t try to get out the window.

She needed to get to a phone, but it seemed impossible since she was never alone. Unless she asked one of them to borrow theirs, but that would just mean a whole new set of complications.

But not calling wasn’t an option either. Or was it? She paused and thought it over. If she didn’t call in within the next five hours, the trackers on Baby, her watch, and her necklace would all activate. It wouldn’t take Melissa long to be here, maybe three or four hours, and then she could be out of here.

No Death, no more guards.

Even as the idea formed, she dismissed it. No matter how much she wanted to get away, she wouldn’t risk her friends. Besides, she needed Melissa and Charles to be far away in case the Santiago Family showed up. No, there was only one solution, even if she hated it.

“I need to borrow a phone,” she said and looked between Phantom and Wolf.

“Why?” Phantom raised an eyebrow in challenge, and Reaper fought the urge to smash her fist into his head.

“Because I need to call a friend before she starts to worry and do something stupid.”

“Like what?” Wolf asked. Reaper paused for half a heartbeat, wondering if she should go with the truth.

“Like call the cops,” She settled on. No way in hell she would admit that Melissa would try to take out every single person in this building if she thought Reaper was in trouble.

Phantom watched her for a few seconds before slowly taking his phone out of his pocket. “You stay here while talking to your friend, and I want it on speaker.”

Reaper took the phone and dialed the disposable cell number Melissa had handed her before she left them three days before. The phone rang three times before it was picked up.

“Hey, M,” Reaper said before Melissa could say anything, letting Melissa know that someone else was listening on the line.

“Oh my god, where are you? I haven’t heard from you for days. I was totally freaking out and was so close to calling the police.”

Reaper hid a wince, thinking Melissa might need to hold back a tiny bit on the teenage act, but a quick look at both Phantom and Wolf told her Melissa might have it right.

“I’m okay, M. But it might take a bit longer before returning home. Baby acted up, and I need to get her repaired before she can manage the drive home.”

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear that. I do hope you get her fixed quickly, though. I miss you, and I want you to be home for my birthday party on Sunday.”

“Yeah, I know, and I’ll do my best, but hey, if I don’t make it, I promise to make it up to you.”

Phantom tapped his fingers on the table, and Reaper bit back a growl.

“Listen, M., I need to go. The mechanic is waving at me.”

“Okay, honey, take care.”

The connection was cut off, and Phantom grabbed his phone back. Neither man said anything, and Reaper didn’t invite conversation. She had until Sunday, and then, no matter what happened, Melissa would come for her.

Death would be here Friday or Saturday, so all she had to do, was escape before that. Sounded easy in theory, but with the two bodyguards around twenty-four-seven, it wasn’t. If the worst scenario happened, she would need to disable all the trackers so Melissa couldn’t find her.

“I’m going to take a bath. Which one of you want to have the honors?” She looked between the two men, and Phantom stood.

She left him outside the bathroom attached to Wolf’s room and stepped under the warm spray of water. Her anger and worry were growing, and as soon as the water hit her, she let the tears flow.

She hated this. Hated that she had gotten herself into this stupid situation. Hated that she could still be made to feel this helpless. Hated that what happened those ten years ago still dictated her life. She hated this weakness that forced her to sit in a shower, crying and biting her knuckles to keep the sobs hidden from the guy waiting outside the door.

A knock on the door broke through her pity party, and she shut off the water.

“Kid just arrived with pizza. Hurry up, or it’ll be cold before we get some, and I’m not eating cold pizza.”

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