Part 10

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Full of pizza, a cold beer in hand, and two young things dancing practically naked on the coffee table in front of him. Life was pretty good. Phantom’s eyes moved through the room. The place was slowly filling up, and most of the usual suspects had turned up. There were a few new faces, but he knew Don and Kid would have made sure everyone entering was vouch for. No one entered a private party without someone vouching for them. His gaze settled on Reaper at the bar. She had a beer in her hand and talked to a black-haired woman in a dress so tight Phantom was surprised it hadn’t ripped at the seams. Wolf stood beside Reaper, talking to Gavin. Gavin was the local tattoo artist and did odd jobs when Phantom needed someone trustworthy outside the club to handle business. Gavin had become involved with the Sons when he had killed a guy in a bar fight. The Sons had gotten rid of the body, and Gavin was in their pocket. He was a good man, and Phantom had proposed that he become a prospect, but Gavin had politely declined. Phantom could respect that as long as Gavin was trustworthy to the club.

The black-haired woman said something, and Reaper laughed, the move lightening her whole face. Phantom suddenly found his pants tight. When Reaper leaned in close to the woman and let her hand move down her back to her round ass while whispering in her ear, Phantom had to adjust his cock for it to fit. The woman reached up and ran her hand over Reaper’s cheek. Reaper leaned in to kiss the woman, and lust shot through Phantom. He completely ignored the women dancing in front of him and focused solely on Reaper. Movement to the right briefly caught his attention. Wolf had noticed what was happening too.

Reaper had her hand tangled in the woman’s hair, and Phantom ran a hand over his cock, trying to ease some of the pressure.

The woman leaned closer to Reaper, whispering in her ear again. They shared another kiss before the woman stepped back and grabbed Reaper’s hand. The woman pulled Reaper towards the rooms upstairs, and Wolf stepped in front of them, shaking his head. Phantom pushed from the couch and made his way toward them. The woman narrowed her eyes towards Wolf and crossed her arms under her tits. She said something to Wolf, and Wolf shook his head.

“Why not?”

Phantom was finally close enough that he could hear them over the music.

“Because she isn’t going anywhere with anyone.” Wolf eyed the woman and then Reaper.

“What if we let you join us?” The woman asked and ran her hand down Wolf’s chest. Phantom saw the second things were going to go downhill. Reaper narrowed her eyes just a fraction. “No, thank you, I’m not a patch slut.”

The woman froze and turned to Reaper, her eyes narrowed to tiny slits. “Patch slut? Are you calling me a slut?”

“No, I’m not calling you anything. I’m stating a fact.” A smile tugged at Reaper’s lips, and Phantom knew she had planned this whole thing.

The woman gave a high-pitched screech and slapped Reaper or tried to. Wolf grabbed her arm before it connected with Reaper’s face.

A man appeared and shoved Wolf while yanking the woman away from him. He pushed the woman behind him and glared at Wolf. “What the fuck, man, what are you doing with my woman?”

Phantom took a deep breath. Wolf couldn’t let it go. A guest of the house had pushed him, and everyone had seen. It didn’t matter that the guy looked like he had one too many beers and probably done more drugs than was good for him. Phantom was very aware that everyone was looking at them.

Wolf’s retaliation was swift and harsh. He grabbed the guy’s shirt and delivered two quick punches to the guy’s face. Blood flowed from the guy’s nose, and he looked at Wolf, dazed and confused. The woman was screaming, beating her fists against Wolf’s back. Kid appeared and pulled the woman away and towards the entrance. Wolf still had a grip on the guy and was pulling him the same way as the woman. Those two just got their asses banned from the clubhouse, all because of Reaper. Thinking of her, Phantom looked around and realized that the damn female had managed to sneak away. Phantom scanned the room and found her leaning against one of the pool tables, blatantly flirting with a guy. Phantom flexed his hands in anger. What the fuck was her problem? It wasn’t like any of them had a fucking choice in her being there. In fact, if it was up to him, she wouldn’t stay one minute longer on his property. He stalked closer, and this time, the guy was smart enough to retreat when he saw Phantom getting near.

“Party’s over,” he growled and grabbed Reaper’s arm.

“But I just got the fun started,” Reaper said and grinned. Once again, her whole face lighted.

“Yeah, and that fun earned you a night in the basement.”

Reaper pulled on his hold. “Really? One little fight, and you’re gonna put me in the fucking basement?”

“You act like a kid, I’m gonna ground you like one.”

“The hell you are.” Reaper twisted and punched him in the ribs. His grip loosened enough for her to yank free, but Wolf was there, trapping her in his arms. Phantom grabbed her chin and forced their eyes to meet. “Listen up, buttercup. I don’t want you here. I have no interest in having you ruin my life. But you’re here, so suck it up.”

“Then let me go.”

“We both know that’s not happening.”

This time she didn’t fight as they took her to the basement. Wolf pushed her into the room they had held her in before, and Phantom locked the door.

“For fuck sake. This week can’t move fast enough.”

“I hear you, brother.” Wolf ran a hand over his beard. “Beer?” “Fuck yeah, I need that.”

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Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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