Part 12

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Reaper heard the keys in the lock and stopped her pacing. The door swung open and revealed Kid and a guy she wasn’t sure she had seen before.

“About fucking time. I need the bathroom.”

The big guy at the door stepped back, and she glared at Kid as she walked out of the room. The big guy didn’t lead her upstairs but took her further into the basement and held open another door. She looked inside and saw a fully equipped bathroom.

“You got fifteen minutes,” the guy said and pushed her inside. She heard the lock click shut and a quick look at the door revealed that there was no way to open the door from the inside. At least not without her picks.

She did her business and washed her face over the sink, running her fingers through her hair. She dried her face in the surprisingly clean-smelling towel. She would have to do better if she wanted to get away. Time to pull out the charm. She gave her image in the mirror a snort. Charm. Yeah right.

The door was unlocked, and the big silent guy stood waiting for her. “Phantom says to put you back in your cage.”

Reaper wanted to spit at him, but she settled on ignoring him and walked back to the small room. A tray was on the bed, and the smell of coffee and bacon reached her. Her stomach growled, and as soon as the door clicked closed behind her, she went to the food. Eggs, bacon, and toast filled a plate, and she dug in, eating everything. Fuck, last night had been stupid. She had gotten drunk, and her anger had gotten the better of her. She sighed.

“Well done, Jenny. Getting yourself locked up in the basement will make your escape so much easier.” She rolled her eyes at herself. Melissa would have punished her hard for that stupid shit if she had pulled it while still being trained. Drinking while in a situation like this was a rookie mistake. She knew it. And still, she had done it. She could blame all sorts of things, but the reality was that being in the clubhouse was bringing back all kinds of memories. Memories from a life she had worked hard to forget. Fuck, she had even cried in the fucking shower. To say that she was unsettled by being here was an understatement. She thought she had moved on. That her past was indeed her past. But clearly, a couple of days in a clubhouse was all it took to bring her back to her former life.

“You killed those bastards. They aren’t coming for you again. And you’ll be long gone before Death gets here.” She told herself, but she couldn’t stop the shudder when a key clicked in the lock. The door was opened again, and Wolf and Phantom stood on the other side. She remained sitting on the bed. She needed out of here, whatever it took. Seeming non-threatening was probably her best choice.

“This is how it’s going to be. You do what we say and when we say it. You help clean and cook and pull your own weight around here. If you talk back, provoke anyone, or refuse to do something one of the brothers asks you to do, you end up back here, and you’ll get no more chances. Understood?”

Reaper watched the two of them and nodded. She had no interest in being the brothers’ house slave, but everything was now about getting out of there. Playing nice was just a part of it.

She followed the two men upstairs and spent the next couple of hours helping clean up after the party. She was sitting on the couch, after having scrubbed the furniture with water and soap, and watched Wolf and Phantom seated at the bar, discussing something in hushed voices. They really were a pair of good-looking men, and she wondered if maybe she should try and use sex to get what she wanted. She quickly dismissed the idea. They were bikers, notorious for treating women like shit. No way in hell she would get anything but even less respect if she slept with them. No, she would have to use other tactics if she wanted out of that place.

A smile played on her lips as an idea formed, but she killed it before it truly began. “Any way I can get a shower and some clean clothes? Then maybe I can cook some dinner? Not sure I’m up for more pizza.”

Phantom looked her way, and she could see the mistrust in his eyes. She kept her face straight, and finally, he nodded.

When dinner time came around, Reaper stood at the counter in the kitchen and was cutting carrots to put in the pasta sauce. The door opened, and Wolf and Pup walked in. Phantom was sitting at the kitchen table with Don, playing cards. Wolf pulled a beer from the fridge and leaned against the counter beside her. Pup walked to the blanket in the corner and lay down, looking at both of them.

“Smells good,” Wolf said, and she gave him what she hoped was a friendly and innocent smile.

“Gonna be ready in some ten minutes.”

Wolf nodded and went to the table and sat down, talking with Don and Phantom. Reaper only listened with half an ear while carefully pulling the small vial from her pocket. Thankfully they hadn’t looked too closely at the content of her saddlebags. The little vial was hidden in plain sight in her toilet bag. It looked like one of those perfume samples you could get. She had three of them, each containing their own kind of poison. She couldn’t carry too much in case the police stopped her, but people rarely checked perfumes when going through people’s stuff.

She emptied the vial over the finished pasta sauce and stirred it till the liquid was dissolved into the mix. She put the vial back in her pocket, letting her fingers travel over the small leather wallet that held her lock picks.

“Damn, that smells good, and I’m starving,” Phantom said from behind her, and she tensed up, worried he had seen her. But the big guy just leaned over her and started to pull down plates. 

“Perfect, it’s done now. If you could let everyone know.” She grabbed the plate she had already made for herself before adding the extra ingredient and sat down at the table. Phantom yelled out the kitchen door, and soon after, the room was buzzing with people, eating and drinking. She glanced at her watch and smiled when she saw Kid unsteadily get to his feet. The sound of a plate hitting the floor, followed by Kid’s body hitting it too, had Phantom grabbing her arm.

“What did you do?” he growled, but she could see how his eyes had gone unfocused.

“Just added a bit of spice to dinner. I really appreciate the help, but I’m not sticking around waiting for Death or anyone else.” She pried his fingers from her arm and left him slumped in the chair.

She quickly made her way upstairs and grabbed her bags. She headed for the stairs but thought better of it and headed for Phantom’s room instead. She had only been in there once, but she was pretty sure his window opened up to the half roof where the bikes were parked.

The window was locked, but she made quick work on it and carefully opened it. She could see the guard standing by the gate, smoking. She made her way down to the ground as silently as possible and hid in the shadows while making her way to the back entrance.

Her stomach knotted at leaving Baby behind, but there was no way she could get the bike out. She would just have to trust that they would keep it safe. She stopped at the fence halfway to the back gate and hunkered down, pushing through the wilderness of an old clematis. She knew there was a hole in the fence because she had seen Pup sneak in and out a few times, and while a big biker might not be able to get through a hole fit for a wolf, she could.

As soon as she was outside, she grabbed her bags and made her way to the bus station. Once she had put some distance between herself and the club, she would find somewhere to buy some wheels.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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