Part 16

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“No, No. Let me go, let me go.” The frantic screaming, coupled with an elbow to the chest, ripped him out of sleep. He sat up just in time to see Reaper bolt from the bed and into the bathroom. Wolf was sitting on the other side of the bed, looking just as confused as he felt. The sound of dry-heaving came from the toilet, and Phantom made his way out there.

“You okay?” he asked Reaper, who ran cold water over her hands and splashed it on her head.

“Yeah, just fucking hungover.”

“I can imagine. You were quite the sponge last night, but that wasn’t what I meant, and you know it.” He leaned against the wall, watching how she slowly rubbed her face before walking back to the bed. She crawled back in beside Wolf and pulled the blanket over her body. It wasn’t lost on Phantom that she seemed quite happy in his bed, sandwiched between them.

“It was just a nightmare.”

“Was it because we held you?” he asked and got into bed beside her.

“No, the nightmares just come and go.”

Phantom nodded. He knew about nightmares. Being a member of Sons of War meant you sometimes saw some fucked up shit. And it didn’t matter how tough you were. Everyone had something that gave them nightmares. It was part of life.

Phantom turned to his side and pulled the blanket over himself. His bed wasn’t meant to hold three grown people, but they somehow managed to sleep all night without anyone ending on the floor.

“I like sleeping between you two. It makes me feel safe. I haven’t felt safe in a long time,” Reaper said so low he almost didn’t hear her. Before he could respond, a light snore came from her. Breath froze in his chest. He could deal with the sarcastic, homicidal Reaper just fine, even if he wanted to strangle her most of the time. He wasn’t so sure what to do about this side of her. He wanted to keep her safe. Which was just idiotic. By her own words, she was a contract killer. And, despite a few foolish decisions, he had no doubt she could handle herself. In fact, he was pretty sure that if she set her mind on it, she could kill them all. After all, she had taken them all out once. They were just lucky she had put them to sleep, not down.

He looked up and saw Wolf looking at her with what could only be described as longing. They had shared women before, and Phantom had seen Wolf with more than a few over the years, and never had he seen that look on his friend’s face. It was fucking strange to see the usual dangerous glint replaced with something else. Wolf looked up, and none of them needed any words to communicate. Wolf’s need and longing were a mirror of his own. Somehow this infuriating woman had gotten under their skin. Phantom closed his eyes. Maybe more sleep would help his addled brain make sense of everything.

Reaper wriggled in her sleep, and Phantom nearly choked when her ass nestled against his cock. He heard Wolf’s low chuckle and swatted his chest before settling his arm over Reaper’s hip. He opened his eyes again. Reaper was lying with her face buried against Wolf’s chest. Wolf was still staring at her, and Phantom realized that the longing he saw on his friend’s face was mixed with a heavy dose of wonder. Phantom thought he might understand it. Wolf’s face and growly voice didn’t exactly attract people. Sure, the patch sluts would happily let him fuck them, but that was more about them saying they had fucked the VP. Fucked the big bad Wolf. They didn’t actually want anything to do with him. In any other situation, they wouldn’t even spare him a glance. But Reaper didn’t seem to give a fuck about his scars. Phantom closed his eyes again and ignored the little niggle in his chest. He had never cared about Wolf’s scars either. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He’d been in a rage when he found Wolf bleeding and hurting, but that was something else. They had hurt his brother. He still remembered the feeling of helplessness when he found Wolf dumped in front of their gate. The man had been unconscious, and so much blood covered his body that Phantom hadn’t been sure he would live. Mouse hadn’t been a member back then, and those thirty minutes he waited for the doc to arrive had been hell. He had threatened every single person about the consequences if Wolf didn’t survive.

Wolf had gotten his revenge, and Phantom had gotten his. He never told Wolf, but after Wolf had taken the guy’s tongue and eye, Phantom tracked him down. Phantom had taken his time killing the guy. Phantom wasn’t ready for what it all meant, and he shut it down before his brain could go in that direction. He turned a little and inhaled the sweet scent of Reaper’s hair. When they woke up, he would deal with life. But right now, he would just relax.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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