Part 17

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“Try starting her up again.” He took a few steps back from the bike, and Reaper started up the beast. It came to life with a roar before settling into a growling that made it ache in Wolf to start up his own bike.

Reaper was all smiles, and when she got off her bike, she went straight to him and gave him a big hug. He wasn’t sure exactly what had done it, but something had shifted between them. They had actually had some pleasant time together in the last twenty-four hours since they woke up in Phantom’s bed. Sure, Reaper was still sarcastic as shit and challenged everything, but she didn’t feel hostile. When Phantom had suggested looking at her bike this morning, she had been giddy like a kid in a candy shop. Wolf knew Phantom just needed her out of the house for a bit while they made ready for Bullet’s run, but seeing that smile on her face was worth it.

“Maybe we can take her out for a spin later.” If he and Phantom were with her, she would have nowhere to run. Reaper looked at the bike, and he could see the longing in her eyes. He knew the feeling. Nothing made you feel quite as alive as sitting on your bike, roaring down the road.

“No, we better not.”

Wolf frowned. “Why not?” He would have thought she would jump at the chance of getting out of the compound for a bit.

“I can’t take the risk of one of Santiago’s men spotting me and following me back here.”

Wolf ran a hand through his shaggy hair. “That makes sense. What about playing some pool then. I still owe you for beating me yesterday.” Phantom had challenged her to a game of pool, and it turned out the woman was quite the pool shark.

“Are you sure your pride can afford another round?” she asked and raised an eyebrow.

“I think I can manage.” He grinned at her and gestured out of the garage.

Wolf sat at the bar, a beer in hand, and watched Reaper play against Kid. She had already beaten him in one game and lost to Don in another. The brothers had decided they all wanted a turn against her. She leaned over the table, and Wolf couldn’t have kept his gaze from her ass if he wanted to.

“That’s one fine ass,” Phantom said as he leaned against the bar beside him.

“That it is,” Wolf said and looked at his old friend. “Bullet and Priest get on the road?”

“Yeah, no problem. They should arrive late tonight. They’ll be back tomorrow night.”

They stood there, watching Reaper play for a bit.

“What are we going to do?” Wolf finally broke the silence. He didn’t really want to have this conversation, but he knew they had to.

“Keep her safe and happy,” Phantom said and took the beer Mouse handed him.

“That’s not what I’m talking about, and you know it.”

“Doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. We keep her safe and happy. If anything else happens, it happens.”

“And we’re going to share?” Wolf felt stupid asking, but he would rather have everything on the table than end up with some stupid misunderstanding that would just end up with both of them getting a few new scars.

“Was there ever any fucking doubt. Don’t ask stupid questions.” Phantom glared at him, and Wolf tipped his beer in salute before turning back to watch Reaper.

“Stop perving at me,” Reaper said, still with her back to them, but she smiled over her shoulder before turning back to her game.

Kid groaned when she managed to end the game, and she lifted her arms and wiggled her ass in a small victory dance. She walked over to them and grabbed Phantom’s beer, downing half.

“You up for another round?” Reaper trailed her finger’s down his arm, and Wolf got the feeling she was talking about something more than just a game of pool.

“Always,” he growled. Reaper grinned at him before grabbing hold of his hair and going to her toes. Her lips were soft but demanding against his as she claimed him in a kiss. Wolf groaned but forced himself to keep still. He wanted to grab her and slam her against the wall, fucking her into oblivion, but for now, he would settle for a kiss. He felt Phantom move beside him, and Reaper’s small moan against his lips had him opening his eyes. Phantom stood behind Reaper, pressing into her back, placing small kisses over her shoulder and neck. “So fucking hot,” Phantom growled into Reaper’s ear, and a small shiver ran through Reaper’s body. Some of Wolf’s hard-won control slipped, and he grabbed a fistful of Reaper’s long hair and yanked her closer. He pressed his lips against her and ran his tongue over her lips, and she instantly opened for him. Phantom was running his hands all over Reaper’s body, and Wolf knew that they either had to stop or take this to a room. Unless their first time with Reaper was going to be against the fucking bar with their brothers watching. Phantom must have read his thoughts because the kiss was suddenly broken as Phantom lifted Reaper over his shoulder.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Reaper demanded in that angry tone that Wolf had learned meant trouble.

“Taking you to bed, stop squirming,” Phantom said and slapped her ass, hard. Reaper growled and smashed her elbow into the back of Phantom’s head. Wolf shook his head and followed them up the stairs. If nothing else, their life would never be boring as long as Reaper was around.

“Let me down, you fucking caveman,” Reaper yelled, but a smile played on her lips. Wolf chuckled as Phantom threw her on his bed.

“I’ll give you cavemen,” Phantom growled before falling on top of her, claiming her lips in a hard kiss. Wolf watched them as he pulled off his t-shirt and pants, leaving his boxers in place. They were hot together, and while he had thought some kind of jealousy would roar its ugly head, all he felt was a burning need to join the fun on the bed. He crawled on the bed and took Phantom’s spot as the other man started to remove his own clothes. He pulled Reaper up until she sat, slipped behind her, cradling her against his chest, and kissed her throat and jaw.

“Just look at him, look at his cock. He’s going to fuck you until you scream his name, and when he’s done, I’m gonna take my turn, and we’re going to keep fucking you until you’re nothing but a boneless heap of happy.”

Reaper moaned at his words, never looking away from Phantom. Wolf grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it off, kissing her shoulder and throat, running his hands over every piece of bare skin. He snapped the bra and let it fall to the bed, cupping her breasts in his hands. He had a sudden need to suck on those nipples until they were hard little nubs, only so he could sink his teeth into them, making her groan and scream.

The bed moved as Phantom crawled towards them, and Wolf watched as Phantom leaned down and ran his tongue over Reaper’s breast.

“Kiss him,” Reaper moaned as she wriggled to get her pants off. Wolf went stiff behind her. While Wolf didn’t mind taking a man to his bed, Phantom had never given even the slightest indication he was even curious about fucking another man. He opened his mouth to tell her, but before any words came out, he was yanked hard forward, and Phantom’s lips crashed into his.

“So fucking hot,” Reaper murmured, but Wolf was completely lost in the feeling of his best friend kissing him, and he had a hard time collecting his scattered brain.

Reaper wriggled free from between them, and suddenly Wolf was on his back, Phantom’s heavy body covering him.

“You okay with this?” Phantom asked against his lips, and Wolf could only nod his yes.

“Thank fuck. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Phantom claimed his lips in another kiss, and Wolf felt a pair of slimmer hands brush against his body, leaving hot trails of lust and need shimmering through him.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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