Part 18

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Reaper watched the two men tangled together on the bed, and she wanted to do a happy dance. Never in her wildest fantasies… Okay, that was a lie, she had totally fantasized about this, but she never thought it would happen. She quickly pulled off her pants and panties and crawled back onto the bed, eager to get in on the fun. She ran her hands all over them, grabbing Phantom’s ass and gripping Wolf’s hair.

She never regretted the way she lived her life, but once in a while, she would yearn to have the opportunity to have more than fun than quick fucks in seedy hotel rooms. The idea that she might actually get to fuck these men more than once. That she might get the opportunity to learn what their bodies liked and craved made her almost fucking giddy.

Both men turned on her as one, and she suddenly found herself on her back, looking up into their faces. Phantom trailed his fingers down between her breasts, over her stomach, and along the scar marring her flesh there. She could see the question in his eyes, but thankfully he didn’t ask it. That wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have naked on a bed. Wolf’s mouth on her breast shattered any thoughts she had left, and when Phantom’s hot tongue licked her pussy, she was sent right to heaven.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she mumbled as Phantom pushed first one and then two thick fingers inside her. Her thighs tightened around Phantom’s head. She pulled his hair hard as her orgasm drew closer, threatening to shatter her into a million pieces.

“Shh, just relax and enjoy,” Wolf whisper-growled in her ear, and then her hands were pinned above her head. The orgasm rolled through her, making her hands and feet tingle and her back bow off the bed. She was still coming down from her high when she heard a foil wrapper being torn, and then Phantom pushed into her.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Phantom growled above her, shaking with restraint. Well, she couldn’t have that. If she wanted some tame fuck she could have found someone else. She tucked her hands, and Wolf let her go enough for her to curl up.

“Move,” she ordered and bit Phantom’s chest as he hovered over her. With a growl, he slammed into her. She wrapped her legs around him. He rode her hard and without mercy, and she fucking loved every second of it. Her hands were scrambling to hold on to something, and the room was filled with their grunts and moans. Phantom leaned down, and she met him in a hard kiss, tongues dueling, teeth biting. Wolf had let go of her hands, and she grabbed Phantom’s back, nails biting into his skin.

“Fuck, fuck,” Phantom chanted against her lips before he drove hard into her, his hands on her shoulder, leaving bruises behind. He yelled his release, grabbing her tight before he collapsed to the side of her.

Reaper opened her mouth to throw a smart-ass comment at him, but Wolf’s tongue trailing up her stomach robbed her of the ability to speak. Her body thrummed, and she waited for him to take her on her next ride. His lips, when they finally found hers, were demanding but gentle. Wolf grabbed her hips and rolled over, and she grinned down at him as she pushed up on her knees.

She ran a hand through her hair, pushing it out of her face, and rose up, grabbing Wolf’s cock, already clad in a condom. She pumped her hand up and down while using her other to rub her pussy, Wolf following her every move.

“Stop teasing,” Phantom growled in her ear. She hadn’t even sensed him move. Calloused hands snaked around her hip and down to her pussy, pushing her own hand away as a single finger pushed into her. She reached back, hooking her arms around Phantom’s neck as he guided her over Wolf’s cock.

“Sit down, Reaper.” Phantom’s order went straight to her pussy, and she bit her lip to keep in the moan. She was usually the one in control, always. She didn’t let anyone tell her what to do. But with Phantom’s muscular chest against her back and Wolf between her legs, she was willing to let him take control. For now.

Wolf’s thick cockhead pushed against her, but Phantom didn’t remove his hand or finger, and Reaper panted from the feeling.

Wolf growled beneath her, and she looked down to see him staring intently where their bodies joined. His hands had her thighs in an iron grip, and his whole body was shivering.

“Move,” Phantom ordered with a growl that rivaled Wolf’s, and for a second, Reaper wondered how he thought she was going to move held in their grip. Then Wolf moved his hips.

“Oh fuck, so full, so full,” She panted and moaned. Wolf wasn’t a small man, and Phantom’s thick finger pushed her to a fullness she never tried before.

Wolf moved with slow but powerful thrusts, and Reaper couldn’t put together a single coherent thought. Phantom withdrew his finger, but Wolf never changed his pace, and Reaper floated on a cloud of bliss. The snap of a bottle being opened penetrated her hazy thoughts, but before she could react to it, Phantom was back. His powerful arm came around her chest, his big hand resting on her throat. Not choking, but there, letting her know he was in control of this game. Wolf stopped moving beneath her, and Phantom pulled her up, so only the crown of Wolf’s cock remained. Two thick fingers pressed into her pussy. Her breath left on little gasps and whimpers as Phantom slowly lowered her onto Wolf’s cock again, the sensation almost overwhelming her.

“Shh, girl, we got you. Just relax,” Wolf said as he began to move again. Phantom placed kisses and nips on her shoulder and throat, and she leaned back against him, letting her head fall on his shoulder, and for the first time, she just let go.

Her orgasm took her by surprise, throwing her mind into a whirlwind of light and darkness. Only Phantom’s hand on her throat kept her grounded, and as Wolf started to slam into her, she rode the wave of pleasure.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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